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There's no particular colour pallete, some of the base colours are from the 'edg32' palette available on, but have been altered.
All animations are sideview, simialr to games Forager or Atomicrops.
And yep, all future updates are for free!

Yep, most of the main masses are already set up as autotiles; land, paths, building bases, clouds, forest etc. The roofs you place by hand - for flexibility, but mostly all autotiles.

I have no idea! I've just double checked the file and its 100000% 16x16. You must be resizing it or importing with padding or something. This is only a preview file, but it'll be the same so im not sure what the issue is!

What program are you using?! those tiles are 100% 16px ?! 

😂 my brain switched off drawing those. Yep, will be fixed in final version 

There’s a preview of animal sprites in the Gamemaker file. Separated assets will be provided when I upload final version. 

16x16 for main tile set and 32x32 for the forest tiles.

Some basic minecarts and tracks added! 

There are animated tiles for the waters edge in the tile set. There’s also a background water layer texture that is animated with one of the built in shaders in Gamemaker. 

The sprite style is the same as Forager or Atomicrops. All the animation examples show the two way style. It's also noted in the description. More importantly, it can work really well when implemented!

In the source aseprite files I have them running at 75ms per frame. I can't remember how you convert that number but im sure google can help! Would be helpful if aseprite also listed the fps for quick reference

Not sure, a while yet. I'm a little behind with it and it's quite a big update to the tileset so still working some things out and testing it in situ. Will announce when I know more, but it's coming!

Hi! I haven't found any specific sfx to pair with Sunnyside World, but I have bought a few retro style audio packs on the Unity asset store before. Could be worth having a look there. Nothing specific I can reccomend at the moment! They may be some good stuff here on Itch too!


Perhaps. I might add one or two final animations before it hits a V1.0. But yeah, was thinking maybe an archer and a mage too.


Yep! you can grab it from lospec site too, again it's just a base so not all the colours  used.

There's a big tileset update coming soon alongside the interiors update. There's probably some path updates in there too. 

There’s a gif  of the leaf animation added to the zips to download !

The chickens are in one mockup - and they're there because I was about to add them to the pack, but decided the weren't good enough yet. There are constant updates and new content added. Animals will come in the future. If you are not happy with the value of this asset pack you are free to request a refund - or, hold tight for a while for more content. 

Some further tweaks to the roof tiles should let you create some more unique buildings too! 

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Working on some basic interiors for the upcoming tileset update. Just some basic rooms. Let me know if you've any particualr requests for interiors.

• Animals I haven't finished.
• Skin colours you change yourself with palette swapping - wouldn't make sense to have multiple version of the same base sprite - this is why the hair is a layered asset too - so you change the colour in code.
• Leaf and Stone animation is in one of the source aseprite files in the pack, but is not yet a seperate element. 
The majority of the things you've mentioned are in the downloadble zips, but not all are in a finalised form yet.

Everything that is specified in the description at the top is in the pack. 
This is an In Development asset pack, so things are added as it's expanded on. 

I will add some coins into the next update. I have made a start on some animals in the past, but none that look good yet!

I think it was '04b03' (that's the font name). The others I was playing around with were; Retro Gaming, Pixeled, Digica, Press Start 2P... so many out there! Though sometimes I draw my own too.

Ah, probably not - at least not anytime soon. There's hundreds of frames of animation and they need to be placed by hand for each!

Do you mean animated hair for the characters or just for the head icon in the UI kit? 

I made a start on some, but they're not ready yet.

Some of you were asking for more UI assets for an inventory/shop etc.
The above example is created with the assets already in the UI psd, making use of the 9slice boxes. The only extra thing I did was change the colour of 2 boxes. Hopefully it can give you some inspiration of what can be created with them! if there's still something specific you want in the UI, let me know! 
NOTE: The font is one I just grabbed from Dafont - there's lots of great pixel fonts there for free.

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Hi, I don't use Godot, but the asset is a png 16x16 tilesheet. Some of the assets also contain the source files If you want to edit the originals - these are usually psd's (for Photoshop) or aseprite files (for Aseprite).

👍 yep

Is there anything specific you would want that's not in the current UI pack? I'm guessing some shop things could be done as text, but maybe some coin/purse icons could be good. Let me know if you have any ideas and I might add them to my next batch of asset updates

The assets are .PNG's and .GIF's, so can be used in any engine that supports those - which I imagine is all of them?! 
There's a few source files in there too, a few psd's and a few Aseprite animation files. No code, just image assets! 

That's a 'shader' applied to the included static water tiles, so the whole water surface is being distorted. I have started a pixel water tile too - hopefully will have that in the next update. 🌊🌊🌊

I may at some point do a walk and run animation for up and down - so many have asked for it!  but yep the style is as in Forager/Atomicrops. I might do a compramise and draw all the tools in the different direction so they can be code animated too. 

No plans for a hoe animation at the moment, though the shovel/digging animation that's included should work for any farming ideas.

Do you mean the paths?
You can create them with the tileset asset in the 'SUNNYSIDE_WORLD_ASSETS_V0.2' zip. An updated tileset will be coming next month too.

I might need to recreate those. I’ve lost the source animation I think. Will have another look shortly! 

The asset style is the same as Forager or Atomicrops, so side assets!