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wow... very beautiful and emotional... cant wait!

beautiful art

very fun

very fun

very innovative

very easy but fun. just used basic turrets. the others are useless. would love to play this finished

i reached level 8! my strategy is to get many steps and energy

i reached level 7!

how did you get level 9? i only get to 6

it is very hard. i reached level 6. just got lucky and a lot of strategy. but it just reaches the point there are way too many enemies and they take the first turn and kill you. needs balance and checkpoints.
overall, i love this game!

very fun

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very fun. i just upgrade attack speed because there is no sacrifice for it

been playin for hours!

very fun

did it too

wow just 48 hours? no way! maybe developin did but the idea had to be conceived for longer way before! very impressive

good game. it is very hard


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i love idle games

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yay i found all the secrets!

just found this. finished it! loved it! great graphics and music. i love simple rpgs

at stage 7 old mines, there is a glitch with the spider boss at the medium difficulty where she jumps up after a third of her health is taken, and she gets back down and is stuck and invincible. dwarfs just walk through her

love it

i just reached the end and realized i got 69%

love it

wow this is perfect i need it

the score calculation is bad. i got a higher score by doin nothin


this is really good!

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it crashed on level 12

bullet goes through wall and i can never shoot again


been playing for 3 hours straight


just finished it. very creative

I really liked this. There are some glitches. Fix the lower part of the levels, because you can just walk right out of bounds if you walk down. Also, the keys E and X do different things: X make the power appear while the player can't move and does an animation, however the E allows for the power and the player movement.