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Can you do the same with the bandit enemy?

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How did you replied 22 minutes ago? Where do you live?

And also YES SIR GONNA PLAY MORE TO FIND MORE! (but not right now)

 [EDIT] OH! I misread! I thougth you meant i found verry litle stuff (yes i am a normal human being with no brain dissorders).

Uhh... I have no idea how to start so i will tell you about a strange and a little bit creepy bug that i have encountered. So i was just playing like normal and encountered Sir Creamith (thats his name. Right?) i was like o hello! Let me escourt you to your piano. So i started (little bit of mob killling etc..) then i in the room below me ant theres an enemy. I kill him. Then when i look back up theres no Sir Creamith that was walking behind me. He disapeared. I searched the whole level (even the boss room) but he was nowhere to be found. I have 2 explanations to this

1. When i looked down for like 3 seconds he somehow bugged out through the walls.

2. My slime trail killed him but he had no corpse.

Now i tell you the new stuff that i have seen.

1. Phantom bag of chips (the thing that summons ghosts of himself).

2. Rainbow Eggo (i still remember his name).

3. New shrine icons.

4. New behaviour of the green meat balls (they jump out of their skin and chase you)

5. Some sprites have changed

6. Now the stomach enemy (that previously shot homing bullets that you need to destroy) shoots some green stuff along with a bunch of red crosses (maybe make the green stuff a bit slower)

7. (unsure)  A new attack of the Royal Jello (he shakes in one place and spams bullets in random directions).

And the last thing is that ice cream knights dont have armor when they die. That all ive got for now.

Believe me, some people are annoying no matter what.

Also yes i have beat the royal jello multiple times. Also yeah i forgot about the banana on the thirnd floor (probably because it was years ago and im also a bit unoriginal).

And you might need to check the description and screenshots of your game to ensure they are up to date. And dont make the release date too tight because sleeping and eating is important (no really, never sacrifice your sleep because its harder to work on something when you want to get under the blanket and never wake up).

So... why doesnt anyone eccept me and the creator comment?

Okay lets actually start. The item messages are nice, maybe you can add the same messages to the shrines? Like that box with the icon of the shrine and it loosely tells you what does this shrine do (very loosely). The enemy collision can be a bit funky sometimes but it does what it needs to do. Also the spawn point are much more noticable for me.

And now i will just throw out some ideas

1.Chocolate ice cream. It behaves the same as the normal ice cream but shoots a spread of 5 bullets instead of 1 bullet.

2.Twist ice cream. Same as the normal ice cream but shoots a boomerang bullet.

3.Molten ice cream. Behave the same as the normal jello but doesnt split, haves more health, and slower.

4.Cool ice cream. Normal ice cream but wears sunglasses

5.Chest mimic. Sometimes replaces the key chest and attacks when the player is close.

Also you can say me if im annoing.

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Yay i helped! :D

(EDIT) So i was thinking should i say i to you or is it gonna be a bunch of useless knowledge. And i decided to say it to you because it can be usefull in the future (i have no idea if you know this or not).

So if you needed for enemies to not see trough walls you can write this stack of code:

if instance_exists(o_player)  {

if collision_line(x,y,o_player.x,o_player.y,o_wall,true,false)  {  cansee = false  }

if not collision_line(x,y,o_player.x,o_player.y,o_wall,true,false)  {  cansee = true  }  }

I hope i have written everything like it should be.

Also if you dont know how to do something you can look in the instruction or improvise! Because if it aint broke - dont fix it.

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the 5 question is kinda hard to explain... So ill show you an example!

this string of code: bull = instance_create(x,y,o_bullet)

sets the variable "bull" to the "id" of the created instance. And you can use it like this:

turn = 0  repeat(8)  { bull = instance_create(x,y,o_bullet)  bull.direction = turn  turn += 45 }

if you write this line of code the executing object will create 8 bullets that are allways heading in 8 directions, without any spread, and each bullets direction is on 45 degrees higher than the previous one. Its preety usefull to create more complex bullet hell attacks. Also you can set any variable of the created instance, not only the direction. It was just an example. Also remember that it changes the variables after the "create" event of the created instance ends. I hope i explained everything correctly. Use it if you want because im not forcing you im just telling you. I hope its gonna be usefull for you! And thanks for answering all of the questions.

< |: 3 its you in text (your avatar).

so you fixed everything i said to! Yay! So i played it and didnt notice anything wrong. The only thing is the swords are still blinking, im not sure if its intentional or not so i let you know. Also some enemies can get stuck in the walls, usualy its the small jellos that come out of the mini boss (to fix that you might need to decrease the distance beetwen their spawning position or something like that).

Now i just wanted to ask some questions.

1.Will the timer return?

2.Will the ice cream pirates return (two ice creams in the ship that are a boss) or you decided to have 1 boss per floor?

3.Will you add a milk themed floor?

4.What is 2 + 2?

5.Do you know how to set the variable to the id of the created instance?

And a request - please vrite the games version number after the name, because that makes identifying the old version from the new one. Thats it! Bye!

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so i just played it because i wanted to i guess? and then i like "Oh  hey, lets see what is on" and then i just looked around the menus and found the one where it shows you any stuff that people you follow do, and then i was like "Oh what the hell !? he updated it 4 hours ago!?" then I downloaded it and played it and heres what i have to say:

1.Make spawnpoints (these circles that spawn enemies) more visible please, because sometimes it looks like the enemy materealized out of nothing, and maybe add some little effect.

2.Make ice cream knights less flashy. Seriously like they really stand out. Its okay for special enemies like rainbow slime and phantom ice cream (the one guy that shoots shapes) because they are rare and are more dangerous than the normal enemies, But the knights are everywhere so maybe you should make the sword one wear red armor and the shield one wear blue/aqua armor.

3.I think you should make the transitions a bit faster.

4.You might focus on adding more items, at least the ones that just increase your stats. Yes its boring but if everyone is special then no one is (or something like that).

So thats all i have to say. (I actually felt kinda bad when i criticezed this game because it took you like 1 or 2 years to make that!! THATS CRAZY!! I wouldnt make anything like that in my life. So you earned my respect ;) ).