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I sure did! Looking forward to hear news and updates here.

E-mail sent. :) I'm happy to hear you are interested!

Great one! Stuffs we don't stop to think about. Good job there, congrats!

Simple but great! So funny to annoy everyone and take selfies with strangers in all different angles. <3

Congrats on the game! It is just GREAT. It's been a very long that I don't play an RPG that good and which would make me play for straight hours, get tense, laugh and trying to guess what would happen after. :) Battle system is amazing (I love turn-based systems!), story seems great, characters have good personality and I just can't wait for the rest of it! Thank you very much for bringing it to English! In case you want to bring it into PT-BR let's talk!

Also, I would like to report a missing translation: Image (text in German)

But maybe you're aware of this one. ^^' Cheers and SMASH THE 4TH WALL! <3