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very nice :) it aws super fun

beautifull! I find it super pleasant to the eye and really enjoy the different line weigths. Keep them coming 🙌

Im not a fan of Bullet Hells but this game is awesome.  Feels super smooth to play and every aspect of it is super polished. I also love how you implemented the Consequences theme. Congratulattions!

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a bullet, sorry if it wasn't clear jeje

Thank you so much :) 

Yes! For this pack I plan to add some enemies, more tiles and paralax backgrounds. I don't discard adding more stuff in the future beacuse I really enjoy this style.

Since this is just a hobby for now, I'm prioriticin my college and don't know when I would be able to work on it.

Thank you for the interest 💕

You're very welcome! 😙 Reading this makes me super happy and motivate me to keep sharing my little stuff.

Good luck with your project.

I'm a bit late sorry. I make all my pixelart using aseprite I find it super confortable. And Tiled for playing/drawing with them, is usefull for square tiles too. 

amazing experience i loved it

really apreciate it :) I would love to see it

thankuu! 💕

Thank you Vexed for all you support :) It means a lot to me 

super fun game I really enjoy playing it. Congratulations! This makes me super super happy <3

WOoOoW this feels super good, you did a great job the game feels polished and is fun to play. Im super happy to see what you manage to do with the assets. Everything on point, congratulations :)

Muchas gracias amigo :) lo aprecio un montón perdón por responder tan tarde. Creo recordar que me enviaste un mensaje por discord? tu foto de perfil se me hace familiar

This looks so good its incredible, I love the 16x16 looks, makes them seem cuter but they have so much detail. wow

🎩👌 let me cook

wow looks super cute and polished and not messy, I love itt <3

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Hi! I love the game, was kinda hard for me but its really fun. I saw other comment mentioning it but addign the arrow keys would be really helpfull. I love what you did with the assetpack. Congratulations for your 24h project keep working hard!

PS: I noticed that in the fourth level you don't need the key to complete the level, you win when reaching the door

congratulations! I had a lot of fun playing it. The puzzels get to a high level damn, they took me some time 👏👏

Crazy fun, me gusta la idea y como lo has ejecutado. Muy divertido

Love the game :) i would like to keep exploring more time the map looks favulous. The grass is working pretty nice and fluid. Btw I noticed that once you restart the music keeps playing and a new track starts over it. Aside from that everytihng looks polished <3

WOW this is fantastic helps a LOT, okay perfect thankyou, allso now i think i have a clearer vision of wath you meant ♥

got 22 easily 😎😎, i really like the level design, keep it up man

Oh thank you zarms I really apreciate the support ♥ Yes my plan is to keep expanding this nuclear series, but didn't had any idea of what to do next. GUI would be a great adition. Also, what do you mean by tools would help me a ton :)

i love the feel of this one, congratulations Vexed :)

Thank you! :) I enjoyed the game

the highest i went was 800 chips and then started to lose everithing :( it took me some time to understand it even after reading the rules but then it was really fun to play, congrats!

hay! thankyou a ton Thetra :)


🥺 aw vexed you are allways so nice, thank you so so much i really apreciated. Your work inspires me a ton.

I used Spook-12-palette  as inspiration for the colours, changed and added some that i needed

:D thank you so muchh, wanted to do some halloween related stuff and this came out

Thanks for sharing it :) I enjoyed it a LOT


OMG this is so nice, I LOVE IT

:D thank you for been so holesome <3 as always

fácil de entender y bastante divertido :) aunque pensaba que iba a tener más niveles, enhorabuena por el trabajo

:) good luck in your gamedev journy, i want to see that coming to life

thanks <3