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Ohh this is amazinggg, I've been waiting for the update and I'm so happy to read more after the cliffhanger. I found some errors tho, in the relationship sidebar Immanuel /if, $Sibling in the hospital when you ask to be alone and $Child when your father talks with you. I hope to see more good job:D

this is amazing<3 new chapter also pretty good that we learn more about the lore thank you:D and keep it up

ohhh I'm so excited!!

 keep up the good work and I hope the rest of the year will be kinder for you <333

this is so good!! please update soon I'm dying of curiosity keep it up!!:D

you got me at 'train two beautiful hounds' but this is sooo good!!! I love to read more keep it up:DD

oh yeah I found it thank you:D

this story it soo good!! I can't wait for more <3, also is there a save button? Because I can't find one and can you tell me are the RO will all be moonless??

I need moree updatee<33 and I also wanted to ask about the dark theme, the choices color is almost similar to the background color, I thought I should let you know. Thank you :D

this is so interesting, I would love to read more :D

this so gooodd!! I really can't wait for the next update<33 And Kosta is so... Idk love Kosta already<33 Keep it up!!!

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Oh this is good!!! thank you for the beautiful update!<3 and lovely Antonio

I can't wait for more update keep it up :D

I love little mermaid, I can't wait to read more<3

this is interesting!!! And I also wanted to let you know about typo I found "preditor" when mc meet the woman. Thought I'll let you know:D

I love this!! Keep it up<3

This is interesting so far :D, also I found an error with <<if>> when mc ask about where's alexandra. Keep it up<3

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the story is interesting, I can't wait for more update good job :D

oh also there's an error when talking to Rowan when you accept their nickname $rowannicnkname, I thought I'll let you know

this has been interesting, but will you continue? since it's been awhile. If you do keep it up:D

this is beautiful!!! I am so curious for the next update keep it up:DD

this is amazingg!! can't wait for more :D

This is beautiful!! I really can't wait for the main story, every character is beautiful, keep it up!! <3

this is so interesting, I can't wait for more!! Also I wanted to ask about the phone icon from each character, after meeting Niyah and Elias only Niyah icon shows up but Elias icon is still empty. Overall keep it up this is amazing :D

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thank you I appreciate it :D

the story is interesting, but can you give font option, me personally have a hard time reading with the bold and each letter close to each other. Thanks and keep up the good work :D

This has been so awesome so far, keep up the good job :D

no black hair? and there's an error at Hananiah introduction

I love thiss!!! I can't wait for more good job <333

this is awesome so far!! can't wait for more update on the story and the relationship stat for the characters, I'm struggling to remember names thanks :D

it's gorgeous<3 can't wait for more update

this has been amazing so far :DD, I can't wait for more update! keep it up!!

oh noooooo!!!! I'm so curious!!! this is killing meee!!! Can't wait for more good job <33

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Ohhhh this is so amazing! I hope to see more, I love this so much<3, and there's an error like $jay_hiы after Max got extended day off

the story is interesting, but the text typing is to slow for me, maybe you could give a setting option? If that's possible. But overall I really exited for more :D

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It's been an interesting story so far can't wait for more :D

thanks :D

I'm so looking forward for more update. And I also wanted to ask about the option where MC never rediscover their voice again but in the next page it's like Jeremiah and MC are talking? Or is it like hand gesture? I'm sorry if it's a little confusing

ohh that's okay, thanks for answering. I hope things will get better for you :D

I really curious about what happen next, will you update it?? since it's been a while

I love this!! can't wait for more update, and more Maddox since I'm already intrigued by them <3

I cry, how dare you make a beautiful story like this??? Anyway I can't wait for more update , this is amazing!! <3