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Andromeda Six community · Created a new topic Lovely game
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I started playing this game and noticed that I spent good amount time by playing it. I loved the amount of choice and how natural the writing felt. The artists have a sharp eye for caring that the quality of the art is excellent. And it is exceptionally good what the base game offers and considering the the makers pampers itch io users by offering this quality game.

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I played your game around in two hours and I have to say I'm very impressed the quality of the artwork. I also admire the amount of expressions Micah has and creating some amount of movement (an example Micah dropping out of chair.). The choice of background music is excellent and it gets the player in very relaxing atmosphere. And a small question about your Kickstarter, how the DLCs will be delivered to the backers; via itch io or Steam? And I'll promise to participate on the Kickstarter if you tell me what were your inspirations for this game. The whole game is just so fucking lovely.

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This game is gold. Especially how the story is executed and I love how much thought has been put in to the characters. Also I smiled almost the whole time when I played your game.