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Hey man this is really cool and i have some input!
So starting the game was really jarring, just being placed in the game without any help or anything is not the best.
I recomend insted of puting instructions to play in the game description putting them in the game as a option in the main menu.
Speaking of you should add a main menu! 

Currtly there is no way to keep score or realy any reason to kill the aliens expect the you loose screen. On topic its really hard to die from the aliens i the charctor feels too beefy.

But great going! im exited to see the game get contuined! 

Thank you for giving your input man! Honestly at this point in time I was trying to release anything I could, I was going to make this into a more polished full game but I honestly dont think I plan too now. Cheers man.

Expect to see grater things from me in the future ;)

source code?

i have not tested the mac version of the game so if you have any problems please post them here!

i accidentally deleted the old project files so im taking this as an oprotinity to start it way cleaner!

dr bright noooooo

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eggs are cool