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Loved this game. Really interesting, and with a lovecraftian vibe. Hope it was a lil longer, but even so it was a complete and funny experience.
Made a spanish gameplay about your game, hope you like it! :)

This was really a good and short experience. Very funny too. Lesson learned, never talk to strangers, specially in the night and alone in the park!
Made a spanish gameplay about your game, hope you like it! :)

Let's be honest, Thomas didn't need a horror game to be scary. Even so, this game delivered a complete experience with lots of different sections. Really enjoyable, funny and scary.
Made a spanish gameplay about your game, hope you like it! :)

For a short game, this one delivered a complete experience. The story was really intriguing, and the setting was really scary. I loved the ending too!
Made a spanish gameplay about your game, hope you like it! :)

I really enjoyed this game. It really improves lots of aspects of The Crypt Terror, and keeps it's own identity as a game. I made an spanish gameplay about your game, hope you like it! :)

This was really a good concept. I really like games with meaning, and I think this is one of them. I had lots of fun with this one.
I made a spanish gameplay of your game, hope you like it!

Great game, I really loved the mechanic. I hope someday you expand this concept into a larger game. Good job!
Made a spanish gameplay of your game, hope you like it!

This was a great game, really a gift to the horror genre. As a horror fan myself, I really enjoyed the easter eggs and the scary moments. Hope you really add an ending some day, good job!
Made a spanish gameplay of your game, hope you like it! :)

This was a great game, it definetly has lots of potential.
My suggestions would be to improve the controls in those static camera moments cause it was a bit annoying. Also, please add some kind of clue to make the player know where to go, cause it really is kind of difficult to know where to go. With more time, this game is going to be awesome, great job.
Made a spanish gameplay in my youtube channel, I'am so excited to bring your game again when it's fully released! Wish you good luck in the development! :)

I loved this concept. Is this a real story? Made a spanish gameplay about this, hope you enjoy it! :D

Had lots of fun with this. Great job guys! Nice game, I enjoyed the scary parts and also the funny ones. Made a spanish gameplay, hope you enjoy it! :D PD: You won, you got your 5 stars.

Loved this game. I now have the need to know more about this. The scenes we so bizarre I depressed in the middle of my gameplay xdd. Hope you enjoy it, is in spanish! :D

Nice game, I really enjoyed this. It had everything: stealth, action, horror and a cute puppy. I just wonder what happened to Jake, is that a clone?

I really loved this game. Very different from other horror games, and surely as scary as the best ones. Made a spanish gameplay about this game, hope you like it!

Great game. This was actually very good. I think some more scares would improve this game a lot! Made a spanish gameplay, hope you like it!

This was really good. A complete game definetly. I now want to watch the Chimpy Chippa's tapes. Made a spanish gameplay about this, hope you like it!

Holy, the best game I have played in a while. Cool backstory, cool demo vibe, cool concept. The characters are also very memorable, congratulations! Made a spanish gameplay of this one, hope you like it!

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This was really good. Short but sweet. I hope it keeps getting better in next updates. Made a spanish gameplay!

Nice game! Made a spanish gameplay, I really got some good scares!

Very good game, really psichologic. Now I need to see the movie to understand this hahaha

Holy teddys, this game was really good. Wasn't expecting such a long experience and with that many details in it's story. Such a shame I coudn't get all the cassettes, but I enjoyed every part of this!

I really liked this. It was very bizarre and I loved the fact that there were different endings.

I was so scared in the beggining, but later on I was laughing really hard. Really a cool and funny short experience. Now I want to know more about this friendship!

This game was really interesting. I think I have an idea of what happened to the character, but the mistery and the way you build it up is really great. Cool experience, very atmospheric and disturbing! Made a gameplay in spanish, hope that helps you in getting more audience!

This games was very good. I really liked the mechanics with the teddy and the light. Leaving this items to do something else really leaves the player exposed! Great potential to do something bigger.

This game was so cool. I really loved how you built the atmosphere of the story and the backstory of the place was really well done.
The ending tho, that plot twist. Damn! This went from phasmophobia to Junji Ito in a second!
I am really glad to make this video so other people who speak spanish can also enjoy your game. Everyone should see this master piece. Keep up the good work!

This was really a great game. I loved a lot the art style of this title. Really hoped for more puzzles cause it got a lot of potential to be a larger game. I ended searching up for the real story, what a tragedy!

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I am really surprised by this game. The only downside was the zqsd keys, but the rest was very good. It's realy admiring you did 2 different intros and endings to give the player the chance to choose his/her gender. Really though for times, and scary others. I just wished there were more objects to interact to give the character inspirations, just like in the beggining. Keep up the good work.

I really loved this game. The atmosphere you created was simply genius. One of the best VHS found footage games I have ever played. I will be waiting for the next game in the Incident Tape Series, and surely I will be playing it again in my channel.

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Really great game. I always liked the concept of a bio monster like this one. Really hope you reconsider to make the ending you had in mind since the beggining, or to expand the story cause it really has lots of potential.

This game was so interesting. I really like when someone uses a game to say something deeper, like the anti-belic message you gave here. Really admirable, great game.

Really scary. i love the fact that we almost didn't see anything but the atmosphere was so well done that it was crepy af. Nice work, loved the concept of using the manual to guide the player too.

This graphics were so awesome. I really admire the renders you gave to this game, and the creatures were so scary. Is the paint based on a real one? I had this question since I saw it. Really loved it.

Nice game: short and scary, with some jumpscares very effective.

I really loved this game. Crear FNAF inspiration, but it has its own style. I really think it's very admirable the fact that you made this to beat your own fears. Had a great time with this one, and I am really waiting for chapter 2.

Nice game. Short and sweet. Great enemy design too!

Because it's literally based in a real nightmare the creator of the game had.

This was a really good Sirenhead game. The random places got me confused at the beggining, but eventually this was so fun to play and beat!

Looking at so many hot dogs made me hungry lol. Great game!

Damn this game was so scary. Nice job, this was very unsettling.