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Hell yeah-- what a game! I just want to spend time in people's dreams, probably in the worst way. Parsing the longing and feeling out of each piece of it is wild. Give me process details on the creation of a dream cell! So curious

This is really wonderful! I barely remember the doom of old but this hits that!

the tastey good

I have been lost since before I started playing. I literally am so bad at space lmao.... but I found the columbos so I feel like I won

Spooky and deep! Loved the music and shape faces

i like to eat dirb

i too want to mix my cum with alien cum 10/10

this was a very lovely game and so fun!! I had to have help on one of the stages but I figured out the last one on my own and feel v accomplished

Haha, thanks! It is definitely very unassuming until you really get into it, then it just keeps going and is good. Thanks for taking the time to play! : )

Very, VERY chill. Just turned up the music and hung out a bit. : >


Oh no WAS IT A DATE?? SO cute..... So nice and calm, and very cute and hopeful! Love!!

Very funny, but also very charming in a silly way. The art is lovely, this was very cool! It's easy for me to forget how versatile Bitsy really is sometimes! Good use of it all!

Very ponderous, quiet and thoughtful, but also loud and obtuse. Very nice.

Oh this is very cute! Just nice, warm, good feelings. The comics parts were like, just really nice? Bitsy would be a neat medium to do a comic like that, even if it would be.... difficult haha. Just image to bitsy pages at a time hehe...

Very neat, and a nice thing that I miss being able to do. 

GUS! This is so fun haha-- the guy at the top needed... something I wasnt ready to give xD

Okay uhhh so many questions on how you did this, but it ROCKED.

Super fun and heartfelt, very nice. I'm so into it!! Very well done sean!


This is so wonderful???? I feel like you really read me haha! This is so lovely, I am so thankful you were so thoughtful with the story and the mood. Thank you!! Merry Holidays!! <3

Oh no while I was dead I went down instead of to the revive spot and now Im lost in blackness haha. Where am I going : O

No one knows!

This is a great start, I think the only thing I was struggling with was the tiles. I was sometimes hard to tell what was walkable and what wasn't, or where the exits were to the next areas.

I'd suggest making unique tiles for areas that you can walk through to new areas, but keeping some still unclear so you can have your secret stash ;)

Don't be afraid to let some of the floor be blank to signify sidewalk, or just with a few pixels to show its different than the road. 

You also asked on my game how I moved the dumpster-- No real magic there, I just had a duplicate room with the dumpster one over.
Rooms changing with new dialogue and objects after you do some tasks -- Again, just a duplicated room, with the sprites and everything placed back in place.
LArger sprites for the animatronics -- No magic, just two sprites on top of eachother!
Spots where you see dialogue without interacting with something-- those are just invisible items on the ground with text attached. Tiles are what make up rooms, Sprites are interactive objects or tiles, and Items are things you pick up and can walk through. So I just did some items with no image so you walked in and text happens.
You can put conditional effects on dialogue using the BRANCHING list option for dialogue, so for the Wrench in facing Freddy, that's all I did. If you had the Wrench, the game went to one ending. If you didn't, it went to the default, bad ending. There was also a gun ending that was a bit happier than the wrench one! : )
How I darkened spots of room? I think you mean like the Attic-- that's again no secret magic, just different rooms. Exiting to another room over and over so it looks like youre in a moving vision scenario.
Dialogue choices.... I think there are some hacks that let you do that, but I've never used them personally. IT just adds a whole nother layer of complexity that I don't always want to deal with haha. 

Felix, you are too kind!

It did, at the time, go beyond what a normal bitsy could do. But I think the updates to Bitsy lately have pretty much changed that, as things like "Exit from Dialogue" which I used before was a hack, but now is part of Bitsy with its updates. I think you might be noticing Transparent Sprites, which I used in the game with the help of Borksy, the hack gathering tool for Bitsy. There are all kinds of hacks available, such as including music, etc. But I think the only ones I really used were Exit from Dialogue and Transparent Sprites.

Anything in particular in the game that caught your eye as being beyond Bitsy's abilities? I could have done a great deal more-- such as coloring sprites differently, without even using hacks. Because you have access to your game's source code you can make all kinds of changes if you just know where to look. A great resource is the Bitsy Discord! They are all kind and helpful. Go to the bitsy page and click the link that goes to the discord-- and there, ask for some specific help in the Tips and Help channel. 

Otherwise I'm happy to help you figure out the things I did in this game! Just let me know! I'm on the discord as Seven.

Hmmm? I just played through again--

After you say "Ill show you what a control panel is", if you go interact with the START menu in the corner it moves you to a new screen where there's a flower next to the "rebooting" bit in the center of the screen. You then interact with the flower. You're so close to the end of the game!! It's so sad that it's not working for you : <

At that point, you go back to the start  menu to open the control panel. Just be sure to always interact with all sprites on the screen. : )!

Awww thank you! I'm still thinking about doing a sequel. I already did all the rooms from this game in Bitsy HD, so they are twice the pixels in size and detail-- and that part at least looks really good. I just need to rethink the story a bit! : )

Yeeeeeeeee door!!!!

DUCKY!!!!! Yes,,,, so cute. : >

Ppl talking about it in bitscord and I had to play. I never played the game, but I always appreciated how it felt and what it meant to people. My first big zelda game was majora's mask, I kinda slept on.... all the other ones haha.

This is such a lovely tribute and very fun, I love that you put puzzles into the game that were certainly more advanced than any I'd considered, which just reminds me that there's so much room in bitsy. Fantastic!

In the youtube comments it appears to be people's favorite thing haha. I also enjoy it!!

haha, bonnie mopping has a special place in my heart


Thank you! I didn't end up.... making much to do haha. But mostly I just wanted to make a train with animals! : >

Thank you!! I spent a lot of time on the game!! : >

Ducky this is so wonderful! I only played a bit of an MMO, but this is everything I experienced, and everything I ever heard about it. Super fun and enjoyable!! : >

And so expansive!!

Thank you!! There are five endings total, but you probably got the relevant, end ones. There are 3 with freddy and 2 with chica, depending on what weapon you have.

Hey Spot! After you get the key, that will allow you to open the locked door on the show stage. Head there, and check out everything in the room to find a way ahead! There are also some wonderful playthrus done on youtube if you search Clearing Your Name FNAF by Dawko, FusionGamerz, and others, if you would rather see someone else do it/if you cant get ahead. Just watching a little bit can help you find out what to do next! : )

Ahhhh!!! Enui!!! You are so sweet, this is so fun!!!

I had no idea what to expect but this was super lovely. Gotta bring the spice on xmas. And who better to do that than Satan! : >

NOAH!!!! This game is so lovingly made and so precious omg. I had no idea, all the hacks, the smart choices-- wow! You are outdoing yourself here like wow. Awesome work!!

Awww thanks! It's about friendship, and that's the best thing that it could be about! : >

Farmer food pack? Can you link to what you're talking about, I haven't made any packs that I'm aware of! 

Be sure to talk with them until you run out of prompts! : )

Be sure to talk with them until you run out of prompts! : )

Thank you! I agree that it doesn't tell you what it's about at the front end of the game hehe. : >