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Thank you! I spent a lot of time on it! : )

Isnt it? It's so gooooood

An incredibly atmospheric little game. Small phrasings, like "I don't think I should go further" and the snapping twig startling the deer really make the game feel alive. 

Knowing the limits of Bitsy as well, this game does incredible work to make so many neat things function, like walking under or behind things (????!!!!) are just not possible in Bitsy. This is so painstakingly done!

Be sure to explore the map thoroughly on the first day, and go check up on your friends each day as you choose to leave an offering (or not!). 

Very short and very fun. Lovingly made with some neat new mechanics I haven't seen in a Bitsy!

I was out when I replied-- They are two high for the most part, and for the Bonnies I did an extra sprite on top for the ears alone. They look much bigger than the player. It was a pain in the butt to do it over and over for every iteration of each room map, but it was well worth it!

Good luck with your game! I will definitely be doing more in the future-- just a very busy time right now.

they are two Sprites high

You can! Check out Bitsy and try your hand! : )

Thanks for the message! I agree, I would have LOVED sound and music, but I didn't know how to add it. Bitsy doesn't support that, but Borksy, a mod for Bitsy, does allow you to add music. I may go back sometime and add music and sound! : )

And thanks for the note! I was really happy to really change up the lore and try something different. I didn't just want to tell the same story, I was hoping to find something new.

And wow! I just saw you did a video!! That's so awesome, thank you!

I'm a fool and trapped mselfy

Thanks for this awesome option! This is my game in Bitsy : >

@Pineappleswithsauce: Thanks! That means a lot to me, as it's definitely my first game!

I will make more games in the future, the process was really easy and very fun, even though there were some kinks in the work that I had to fix. I'll think about what's next. I love FNAF and I'm not sure if I would want to do another FNAF fangame of some kind or do some others that I could perhaps take donations on.  

Thanks again! : )