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Does anyone know if this still gets updates over on Patreon or even here? This VN helped me a lot with my mental health as the characters are incredibly well written and i cant stand to lose *another* VN because i cant find updates :/

Ill be honest, i forgot about the game after downloading it ON RELEASE and i regret it. The writing is wonderful (The Pop Culture References are 10/10) the characters are incredibly charming and so far i love the World Building. The art is a little rough around the edges (Mostly Alisa and the background art, but thats okay, the writing definitly makes up for that.) 

The Goo Dragon Jumpscare? Burned into my mind, ill be honest. It was perfectly terrifying, showing how scary the shadow army actually is. Alisas Name anagram of Alias was so fricking funny to me, idk why. If the Creators read this; Please reply to this comment so i can send you my socials. I worked with a few Visual Novels/NSFW Fur Games (e.g. Lustful Desires, Dead Dating) and did Proofreading for them and id be honored to do it for you aswell, for free ofcourse!

Also small spoiler for Max' route: 


Okay so the whole datacrystal thing only appears when CS2 is out? Becuase i just looked into my www thingie and i dont see a single thing about Datacrystal

Second note: In the room with the makeshift bed where... things happen, there is a seperate small room with 3 Boars, is there a way to access it?

What people forget is that this is a Visual Novel, not a Dating sim. A book also only has one Story, a Visual novel works like a Book

quick question... i "accidently" defeated all enemies (if you can call that defeating them wink wink) and i want to re battle them for... reasons, is there a possibility to do that without restarting?

I just wanted to say the game is absolutely amazing! the characters are refreshing and fun and the story is very nice to read. I hope youre doing well and i hope we will get an update soon!

So that means the game still gets Itch Updates but the Logs dont?

really cool game, sad that the project wont get continued :/

Hey i LOVE the game! I was just wondering when the next Update is scheduled! Idk if there is a schedule for something like this, i just cant wait for the next update!

Hello im looking for help on a few Gallery parts :D I finished the entire game, is there some i cant get anymore?


Forest: "There is a puddle of green slime sticking to the top of this Memory... You see Visions of a distant cliffside lake and an overbearing black  thong on your groin.

Cave: This chest is sealed with a thin layer of red slime...You see visions of a trickster chest deep within a cave.... (How can that be? I already have the rong from that chest AND i did the scene)

Bandit: The one with several thick purple restraints, i cant figure that out at all...

Batcave: Trapped, with seemingly no way out i guess thats if you dont blow up the exit?

Misc: Left Purple chest

okay i dont know how but the GROVE Folder was.... transfered to my Pictures... and i dont know why. I redownloaded the game *Multiple* times and everytime the Folder got sent there Seperatly, completly seperate from the game and im super confused

can someone help me move my save from .307 to .308...? Id even be up for using discord for it or idk but i tried and there is no .308 folder on my PC, even after multiple redownloads

i tried to get my savedata from .307 to .308 but i cant find the .308 folder and when i try to redownload the game it just shows its hosted on a different illegal third party site but... it transfers me to the browser version of itch...

Dear Grove Team; 

First of all: Great Game!
I just want to know if its possible to give players the ability to skip certain sections... i have played through the entire game, saved often as recommended, updated the game and lost all of my progress.... Kinda bummed out because i hate replaying games

The Way i kept grinning while talking to silas... but at the same time Qrom and Orion....

okay this will spoiler Tatsukis Route.

I played this game pretty much since the day it arrived on Itch.Io and loved the feel. The backgrounds and interactions made it feel like Summer, the writing was really nice and relatable, even for a person that never played Morenatsu. Here is the problem tho: while reading Tatsukis route i was... weirded out from the game?
I loved Tatsuki. He was my Favourite Character! He had a very nice but depressing reason for drinking around his friends. His respect towards his Dad was very relatable and his little project was cute (and kinda Ghibli Heartbreaking). Then the summer festival rolls around, he confeses to you and... you do the dirty behind a few bushes? as i said, his route weirded me out from the game, which is why i havent continued to read but this whole scene felt... so wrong. I have always read the MC as a more silent character, that could goof around with his friends but was more reserved but he instantly goes for this? "I love you, lets do it" is all it took for the MC to just go with it? Of course if every route was "Friendship, Confession, kiss, Date, Eventually dirty, Happy ending" it would be boring but the way this was written totally ruined a character i enjoyed reading about/talking to. 

dont get me wrong, the characters of this game are written incredibly well, the story is amazing and relatable but if any of the devs read this, could they explain why? For me, it felt incredibly out of character, not for Tatsuki, he was pretty much Blackout drunk, but for the MC who just.... went with the flow so fast after a drunk man told him he loves him.

(Anyways love the game kissie kissie youre doing great guys, i hope it didnt sound insulting as it was just a general worry i had for a few weeks now)

the attraction i feel towards these anthro virtual characters doesnt have Limits tho

havent played this in 5 months and suddenly i read tatsukis route is done???? UH HELL YEA?

can you please tell me how to finish it...? I started it, then i get shooed away again!

while i love the game im used to VNs giving you the ability to actually immerse yourself in the story and as a 20 yo Bottom Twink, i do not feel immersed with the 4 body choices i am given p3p

im not getting a quest with Kin nor Kith, i went ingredient hunting and did storytime # Faerie event but now nothing is happening anymore :/

I opened the game and i even get a little Itch.Io Pop up at the bottom but the screen stays black... what can i do?