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dandan noodles

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Kinks & Cantrips community · Created a new topic Use Case?

so this is an interesting project, i'm just curious what the intention is for the book.  is it going to mostly be about spells, subclasses, optional features etc that are going to be useful in typical adventuring, but with a kinkier aesthetic [for example, Silence as magical gagging, Web as magical ropleplay, heroes' feast as a party orgy] , or is it going to be whole new mechanics for adventures fundamentally about kink/sexuality? 

Really excited for palisades !

if possible, could you include the Danger icon? would be sweet to be able to drag and drop those onto the map with stylistic consistency 

would it be possible to add some options to make these more defensible?  one door and no windows on ground level, something like that

how feasible would it be to implement a smaller grid?  i love the old school look of 10x10 grids but 5x5 are easier to fit to roll20's grid

Honestly you've certainly done more research on this than me, so I couldn't tell you who else uses TSV, dungeonscrawl is just the editor I've gotten most comfortable with.  Thanks for the other editor recommendations, I'll have to check those out!

dungeonscrawl lets you import .tsv files [e.g. from donjon] for editing; any plans to implement exporting OPD as .tsv ?