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I just wish there was an opportunity to chew him out, I was like, you're a bored rich boy terrorizing people... why??? And I dumped him, haha. But I can see how people would find him appealing!

Right??? Why can't we pick him lol.

Can't wait for the update! Hope you are doing well <3

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Really enjoyed this one so far, great art and a substantially long story. I also really appreciate that it's not too difficult to get a "good" ending, unlike many games. I'm looking forward to getting to kiss the rest of the dark broody elves :D

(Also anyone who calls me "Rabbit" gets my vote)

Mouse scroll up also works :)

Hey I have recently been replaying this again, and I want to say it's one of the top visual novels I recommend to people because of the HUGE amount of story and developed characters. I hope you all are working on another game!

Well, I was pretty excited to try this, spent 12 chapters only to learn that my interest.... had a crush on someone else. And wouldn't stop telling me about it. Not even sure where I went wrong. I hope the other routes are a bit more rewarding, because it was a pretty big let down.

Haha same, my search for that brought me to this page~ Definitely looking forward to the rest of the Acts though!

I got so immediately hooked by this game that I played it way too late the first night I tried it, haha. The art is fantastic, some of the nicest I've seen in a visual novel. It isn't just one story with slight differences, each path (at least thus far - I've tried 3) is a completely different story. So there is a very high replayability value, with multiple endings per path. I'm definitely recommending it to friends!

Totally love this game, it's a great way to chill out and relax, and very addicting! Would be an ideal game for kids too. The sound effects make me smile!

Oh goodness, this game is such a treat. Beautiful, relaxing, and lovely. I haven't finished it yet because I don't want it to end.

I did have some issues with the mouse being slow at first, but it seemed to sort itself out as I played more. Sometimes it takes a bit to figure out what I'm supposed to do, but I haven't got stuck yet, fingers crossed!

If you're feeling stressed or overwhelmed this is a wonderful way to relax.

Gentle and strangely calming, I also learned a lot about funeral procedures and the newsletters were really informative as well. You've really achieved something amazing to bring attention to such a delicate and difficult subject. I also appreciated that you gave the player the option to skip certain circumstances that might make them uncomfortable. 

Some of the goals are unclear. For example, have 2 groups of trees. I had about eight adjacent forest tiles and did not achieve this goal. Also, it's unclear what you are supposed to do once you run out of tiles. Do you just quit the game? A retry prompt or something would be nice. 

I also agree that being able to rotate my tiles so my town looks nicer and makes more sense would be nice simply from an aesthetic point of view! Maybe some little ponds and streams too :)

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I'm having the same problem. I don't get an error or anything, it just doesn't start.

Edit - Okay, I fixed the problem, I think it was interfering with other Unity games. I put it into its own folder and works fine now! It's oddly calming, is that weird? Thanks, it's one of my favorites out of the bundle so far :)