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this may become a small series of progressively more cursed games

bug report!
lets say you turn a tile into multi-block, move it, and you reset it.
everything is fine, tiles are moved to a new position.
and then you Undo back to point before you reset and reset tile again, but the tile does not reset, it instead stays as multi-block until you undo to the point before you turned it into multi-block the first time.
made one level harder to beat than it should've.

been a while since I beat one of those mountbans, probably on the easier part of the scale right next to cavemount

Too meta for me, Icely will be in shambles

I have become Keymaster, Destroyer of Mice

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"Run WIzard" before you run the game is funny because the game is based on "The Wizard Ran"

"Theoretical Witch Research"s acronym (TWR) is also acronym used for The Wizard Ran (TWR)

accidentally discovered true mechanic of this game before entering a portal



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a randomly generated game about cat trying to catch bird while avoiding dogs and collecting power-ups

am I missing a vital part of this game that makes it work?

because it sure is fun!

PS: bombs should totally destroy other characters that didn't trigger it

I love reverse acronyms

Turning a word into acronym by getting a word per letter of another

you should probably make a collection and put it together with VLB

what is conversion rate from HorsePower to DogPower?

I want to change my currency thanks to this game

it ends when you break physics and escape reality

game blackscreens if you try to switch characters after first training game

seems old team holds a grudge against the new member and pulls the plug on your entire carrier

meet Treat: The Complete Series.

current status? incomplete.

you should totally give them music you use

or even make a a new not so sneaky steal everything thief song

how come I never left a comment for this game?

this game is awesome, the powercreep, the abilities, the combos, the cheese

wonder if we ever get a remaster or part 2

its fun how coins loop around the screen

but what if other things did the same?

Treat 8 OST?

you are spoiling us!

or should I say... treating well

it is not about damage

I just though something labeled "nuke" would be a bit bigger

but I suppose insta-killing final boss also works

pretty cool game, I liked it.

what was it about?

P.S. Buff Nuke

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is this just... Root but not a tabletop?


Clearing Cached Web Content

you think you can trap me in the past?

outer gods are more powerful then you think!

5 Hz with interpolation looks really fun

my favorite variation of chess
probably my favorite submission for this year

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I like the contrast between start of chapter 3 and chapter 7

in chapter 3 you wake to a good dream followed up by the fact you need to find a job

in chapter 7 you wake up to a bad dream followed up by a fact that you have a job

also is there a way to make attacks not miss in battle?

missing attack during chapter 2 kinda ruins all the "wow you took them down in one hit" and "why are you not attacking" when they clearly see that you tried to attack but missed

you can clip in the sushi room of level 6 by jumping to the corner, switching and then unpressing the button

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I've noticed that "background music" folder contains "ritual.ogg" but it never been used in the game. Is there a secret or it's been leftover by mistake?

Also...when you go near cliff 2nd time Mochi say "You're giving me deja vu..." is it becouse i did same thing in "Lonely Wolf Treat" or it was scripted that way?

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"Syrup and the ultimate sweet" ending is unobtainable.
because in Syrup's game script  "\syrup-2.2.0-pc\game\script.rpy" there is a missing code piece that allows to save and transfer data between games. that code piece is :

init python:
    mp = MultiPersistent("nomnomnami")

you can complete a game in less then a minute by spamming coding speed and your keyboard