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What happens when your gameplay doesn't record? SIMPLE! Make a short story yourself with GOOGLE IMAGES! 馃槄馃槄

Come see how that went for THE BOOK


Come see what happens in THE HOSPITAL...

My WORST Job Interview EVER!...馃槄

My Terrible CHRISTMAS Cabin Holiday!

How To Setup The PS5...馃槄

I Got Off On The WRONG FLOOR! *Cry*

Awesome Short Horror Experience!

Paranormal Entities Caught On CAMERA! (HUGE SCARE!)

Actually... This is pretty scary for a small indie horror!

What if P.T. was set in an APARTMENT FLOOR IN 2020?...

Overall good fun, good horror vibe and worth checking out!

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A Weebs NIGHTMARE! | Saiko No Sutoka (銉涖儵銈层兗 銉ゃ兂銉囥儸)

Love the A.I in this game! Very smart and creppy!

LOST In The Station Ending! | The Ghost Train | 骞介湂鍒楄粖

Another Japanese Horror Game from one of my fav Chillas Art!

Come see the mystery station and creepy train! 

WRECKING The Office! TOO FUNNY! | Hello My Name Is:

This game was actually alot of fun! Really hope it gets highly rated! 猸

I Failed THEM...(Bad Ending) | Missing Children | 琛屾柟涓嶆槑 (Short Japanese Horror)

Another game by Chillas Art! That i love!

I Failed THEM...(Bad Ending) | Missing Children | 琛屾柟涓嶆槑 (Short Japanese Horror)

Another great short Japanese Horror by Chilla's Art!

Don't TRUST The HUNTER! | My Beautiful Paper Smile | Chapter 2 (FULL)

Chapter 2 is HERE!... Come see what happens next! 鈽


I'm old enough to remember The Ring... So this played right into that fear! Very good all round scary game!

Breaking Out Of The TORTURE! | My Beautiful Paper Smile | Chapter 1 (FULL)

I REALLY liked this game! It reminds me of Little Nightmares in a strange way! Now then... Happy faces everyone! :)

Come see Chapter 1 in full! & stay tuned for Chapter 2 on June 19th!

(thank you for early access)

Mysterious Disappearance of Hikers in TENDER! (All Endings)

Hikers go missing, One man is very hungry. Come see how this all adds up in TENDER! :P

No problem! It's honestly great, Keep it up!

SCARY Japanese Kijo HORROR! | Ikai [鐣扮晫] 

I'm a HUGE Japanese horror fan so when i seen Ikai i had to check it out and WOW! I LOVED IT! Can't wait to see more from Endflame! 馃挌

I BROKE The Siren Head Game... 馃槄

So i think i got unlucky with glitches and bugs BUT it made it fun! This was a good project with some good horror elements, can't wait to see more! 

I BOUGHT A (spooky) HOUSE! | The Open House (StayHome Games Series)

Come see me take a virtual tour around my new & definitely not terrifying house....馃槄馃槄馃懟馃懟

Can't wait! :D

LOCKED UP In the MOST TERRIFYING House! (Pure Fear!) 馃懟

This was actually amazing! Loved it! Gave me some real fear, Can't wait to see a full game. Keep me posted please! Thanks!

Japanese Horror based on REAL EVENTS! | Inunaki Tunnel | 鐘炒銉堛兂銉嶃儷

HAUNTED Japanese Convenience Store! | The Convenience Store | 澶滃嫟浜嬩欢 (Full Game, Ending 2)

I love the horror games from Chillas Art and this one is no different! Come see all the horror in full!

Beating up ALL THE KIDS in Drunken Dad Simulator! 

I actually loved this game! Iots of fun in such small space of time!

The BEST HORROR Game For YOUTUBERS...(Apparently)

HAUNTED JAPANESE APARTMENT? | Stigmatized Property 浜嬫晠鐗╀欢 (Full Game)

I love short Japanese horrors! So this was just perfect for me! :)

RESIDENT EVIL 1 BUT WITH DOLLS!? | Alisa The Awakening

I actually loved this style of game back in the day! It's good to be reminded how bad i am at them too! Haha! :P Great game worth a play!

Combining two things i love... Japan & Horrors 馃槄

SAD JAPANESE HORROR! | Okaeri 銇娿亱銇堛倞 (Full Game)


Don't wake the sleeping puppy! This game was actually REALLY good fun! Merry Christmas everyone! x

My son was HIT BY A CAR ON CHRISTMAS EVE! (very sad) 馃槬

BE KIND TO OTHERS! | Forgotten School / 蹇樸倢銈夈倢銇熷鏍 (Short Japanese Horror) 

This game was short but sweet! I should go back to play more tbh!

A haunted ABANDONED game server...with No Players Online? 馃懟

This short horror experience was very well made! Not only did it mange to give me real fear but what happens in the end is pure genius in my opinion. I'd love to see more from this team!

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馃く GRAND THEFT MARIO! | Super Mario Untold Stories 馃く

This game was super fun! Don't get me wrong i kept dying...alot...but i loved this! Very well made and i hope to see more in the future! (Also very nice graphics!) 馃槉

I livestreamed the whole game of Mor!

Great game, great voice acting btw!! Very impressed! I see alot of good things coming from you all. I've posted the full stream here. Yes at times i got fustrated but don't we all! All in all it was a great game!

I played Mannequin as part of my 3 Halloween games in 1 video series.

I thought the idea was good! also gave me a good scare too!

 Mannequin is the 3rd game in the video! :)