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Hey! great small game! very well made for only doing it in 7 days! hope to see future games from you! :P

Small fun game! I loved it! :D

I just posted my gameplay video of this game below this post and you won't believe the feedback I've had on my Facebook! This game has brought so many people together. I've actually got a Friday weekly video that I post talking about games I've played through the week.

I'm going to post that hide here as I talk about the game and also mental health. I hope that's okay. If not I don't mind if this is deleted but i hope my video might help anyone struggling to cope 💙💚 I've left links in the videos description over at Youtube of various helplines you can call for help too 💚

Much love,


DCM Plays! You Left Me | STAY POSITIVE

This game hit me hard. I've personally dealt with Mental Health issues myself although i'm lucky enough to have overcame them I'm still building myself up to become a better person.

Thank you for this game! <3

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I can't even explain how much i loved this game! Huge fun and unexpected! :P

P.s.... PLEASE MAKE PART 2! Haha!

Not even gonna lie... This is the best game of 2018 :P

Very fun game! Short but sweet! :D

Honestly... This game is alot of silly fun! If you want to have a little laugh then check it out! :P

Okay so this might be the best sonic game ever.... Annnnnd it's nuts! haha!

Thia game was great! Short but sweet! I used it for a livestream and i loved it! 

Check it out if you wish! :D

Loved this game! & it made me actually use my brain! Not something i do often haha! :D