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I reapplied the most recent rpg maker mv update, made a new game, transferred all the material from my original bit by bit, and I still ran into the same problem.  No clue what's causing it.  What version of mv are you using by chance?

Would it help if I posted my current plugin load order?

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Ran into a glitch with the werewolf, gnoll, and troll: all three display improperly when target or attacked while in an walk or standby motion like this:

I'm partial to grotesque eldritch terrors myself.  You also can't go wrong with the classics: dragons, giants, liches, tyrannical warlords, demon lords, big scary sea monsters and false gods.

I love these.  Do you have any plans on doing a boss monster pack by any chance?

These are just what I needed!  Can't wait to see the zombies ^^

Absolutely love these.  Any chance you'll do a plant magic themed pack?

Nice!  How many of these packs are you planning on making, if you don't mind me asking?