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I'm very glad you liked it, thanks for the feedback! The assetless (easter egg doesn't count) part is kinda cool imo, even tho I did it mainly for lazyness. For the record, I only once completed Normal mode and I was pissed because I forgot to trigger the victory screen, so I don't know how much it took. And for the record, I never beat extreme mode myself, so you'd be the first lol

Thank you very much!! I'm glad you liked it :))))))

The concept is incredible and this can be easily expanded. Totally chill and repleyable. Love it. (tip: if you squint your eyes you activate your brain's shape detection system which helps a bit)

I see you are having fun with the easter egg lol :)

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Thanks a lot for the info and advices! happy new year btw

thanks.. probably also some shadery magic.. what engine/language did you use? well anyways the atmosphere is incredible. sorry for not replying, i rarely check itch notifications

This is so cool... how did you make those epic effects?

This summer I made this little game with this assets, it looks amazing, thanks a lot. I'll use more assets of yours in the future. You are so good and kind for having so many free assets I'll always make sure to credit you appropriately (like in the game I made) link:

I did it, 675. Very interesting idea, captivating game loop

Good until you reach the rope level (unless you are oNudii)

This game is so addicitive! i'd only fix some layering issues

thank you


thank you



Liked it a lot! Unfortunately only 2 levels (at least for me) but cool!

Nice, thanks

the other comment

bro is first

bro isn't first