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A bit late but still had a blast. This is just part 1 btw.

Had a fun time with it. And it's cute so ++

Even though I can't read also, I still managed :)

I'm a bit late to this but I still wanted to play :)

More stressful than ever imagined. Loved it!

Hmm I see what you mean, that's nice, somehow I would've never known lol.

This is a really fun game, surprisingly hard for me.

Fun relaxing game of being a kid in a WcDonalds play place ball pit!

I'm bad at voice acting sorry, this game is still great despite me.

Had a blast, better than expected. Already a great start to the Christmas month.

Was oddly fun. But it took way long for me to understand how to do things lol.

I'm a bit late to the madness. But loved the demo, couldn't have gone better.

Didn't expect that at the end! Great game

Had a fun time playing this after my break, hope someone likes it!
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expected places

A bit jank, but still got me in the least expected places

Was really fun, and there was a lot more game mechanics to just movement than I thought

Loved this fun chill game, made for the whole family to enjoy!
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A very good game. Those jumpscares hit harder than my catnip.

The Brain Of A Serial Killer

Was a fun game, has a story to it which is kinda unique to indie games.

Man this game is HARD, Or I'm dumb, but great game, I still liked it.

Yes, I actually made a vid of it

Likely the most cursed game I've ever played. (3 scary games)

(7:42). Great game, everything went well... Well until the spiders came out of the f*cking hole.


Wasn't bad was just a bit dry, was good overall. (Also it was extremely hot in my room so yea... flames.


Loved the game, wins silly game award 2022

The Most ALONE I've Ever Felt!

Got me spooked a few times, only a couple bugs, goo game in general

Loved it, actually got me spooped!

Yea, I'm not goo at noticing obvious things lol.

Great game. More people should play this!

Harder than it looks. Well for me anyway.

This is the CUTEST game ever, I love this so much!

Everything requires the internet now, what kind of question is that? Also it doesn't matter, I played the game and it was just fine. Your pc will always bring up the fact that a game could be the virus, that's just how indie games are even though, the game is fine.

This was a great game, I love comedy horror

I loved the demo. Will def play the full game (or at least try)!

A great horror game, would love to see more from this person!

Had a blast, a unique game that adds hope for humanity

Even through all the confusion, it was a fun game!

The actual most stressed I've ever been playing a game