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I enjoyed the game, even though my highest score was only a C

We Love Shrek

This game actually made me tense, my soul left my body.

i drew Pokémon from memory but with terrible memory

It took me a while, but I beat the game! And after all the emotions I've experienced I'd still say it was a fun time!

Nice short cool game, had a fun time with it

This is a great game, and I especially love the music

Here's a vid of me playing it. It melted my brain very well

I even made a video of it!

Been playing for about 10 minutes and got 29,750. But I played very spastically. 

Here's my 3rd video of this game. Might record again, this game isn't bad

After a few months I've returned to upload part 2 of this cool game.

Had a blast playing the game, And it was very stressful. Nice job.

Admittedly not the best I've done in a puzzle game, but it's kinda fun once ya get the hang of it.

Great game, even more cursed than could ever imagine.

A bit late but still had a blast. This is just part 1 btw.

Had a fun time with it. And it's cute so ++

Even though I can't read also, I still managed :)

I'm a bit late to this but I still wanted to play :)

More stressful than ever imagined. Loved it!

Hmm I see what you mean, that's nice, somehow I would've never known lol.

This is a really fun game, surprisingly hard for me.

Fun relaxing game of being a kid in a WcDonalds play place ball pit!

I'm bad at voice acting sorry, this game is still great despite me.

Had a blast, better than expected. Already a great start to the Christmas month.

Was oddly fun. But it took way long for me to understand how to do things lol.

I'm a bit late to the madness. But loved the demo, couldn't have gone better.

Didn't expect that at the end! Great game

Had a fun time playing this after my break, hope someone likes it!
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expected places

A bit jank, but still got me in the least expected places

Was really fun, and there was a lot more game mechanics to just movement than I thought

Loved this fun chill game, made for the whole family to enjoy!
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A very good game. Those jumpscares hit harder than my catnip.

The Brain Of A Serial Killer

Was a fun game, has a story to it which is kinda unique to indie games.

Man this game is HARD, Or I'm dumb, but great game, I still liked it.

Yes, I actually made a vid of it

Likely the most cursed game I've ever played. (3 scary games)

(7:42). Great game, everything went well... Well until the spiders came out of the f*cking hole.


Wasn't bad was just a bit dry, was good overall. (Also it was extremely hot in my room so yea... flames.