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I've been curious as to why the Stats are disabled on the main menu. I'm assuming it's because of some conflicts. It's made unlocking these two B Skins a bit of a pain. I'm assuming every character needs a golden gun from 3-? for Y.V.'s B in NTT.

Mostly I was just curious. Worst comes to worst, I can just save a notepad with all the golden guns/loops/crown unlocks we have, so it's not a huge problem.

It is definitely functional, a bud and I Throne every day. Hope this helps!

1. Go to Settings, Game, Delete Data(NTT starts out with everything unlocked, so you need a fresh save)

2. Go to Play, and on character select, enter /savegame plain.sav (Note: Can be any name, though having a new game save is nice in case you plan on saving multiple files)

3. Start CoOp with someone, and on character select, enter /loadgame plain.sav

4. Whenever you wish to save, just type /savegame (name).sav