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The game crashes quite a bit, the mouse controls are broken and it seems generally a bit unpolished. But, i enioyed it quite a bit nonetheless :)

Hope to see this get more updates that flesh out the game and fix some of the technical issues.

What a terrible, unengaging, boring game. The whole experience feels like a tutorial to a better game, or a short demo and the worst thing has to be the price. $9. Come on, this is barely passable as a free product, and horrible for such a steep price. Easily one of the biggest disappointments i’ve played this year.

Good concept though lacking in content atm (as expected). Controls also feel pretty janky, especially the jump.

Unsure if this is intentional or not but the game doesn’t seem to recognise a flush. 

Hey, thanks the response, the game worked after waiting around a minute :) I do have a bug to report though, in the prologue where you lose all your clothes and have to pick them up again, after picking them all up the game prompts you to put on the suit, if you instead choose to remove your bra the game gets stuck after the "(Right...?)" text box, if you try and press back it crashes.

Great game and really good looking UI! Can't wait for more content :)

Im encountering an issue on Android. The game just freezes past the Anduo Games screen and doesnt advance further. For reference here is my device: Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 Plus 

Looks very promising! Good UI and a nice artsyle :) However it seems to have been abandoned...

This is a pretty alright and simple game :) I have encountered a bug though (at least on Android). When you ascend, any gems you gain are not shown and the game still displays "You have 0 gems to spend", however you can still spend them, I'm guessing some UI bug? Anyways, not game breaking but can be annoying.

Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 Plus

pretty decent! Sadly the android version lags a lot (probably my device but still...) :/

Cool idea and nice artsyle :) However the game is improperly sized on Android, so some of the UI is hidden, and some is inaccessible.


Is this supposed to be claimable like the expansion or just download only?

Great game! Laughed my ass off at many scenes, only complaint is that on the android version (APK) whenever you load a save file the background for that scene turns black. Except that, keep up the good work! :)