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Damian Padilla

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I love this game! it was so creative and fun. Rhythmn Tappo was my favorite.

Nice! Reminds me of SkiFree

Hey thank you for the feedback! More dynamic power ups and even more enemies are going to be added in the future.  I appreciate you giving it a try and I hope you try it again when I've added more interesting elements.

Fun game! Made me laugh

Fun Game! It would be cool to see some more power ups added!

I really admire your style. I loved playing your game. I was fun, the music was good, and I think it has so much potential to grow. Amazing job!

Thank you so much! I'll keep you updated!

Thank you! I'm hoping to add more content to it. I know's really short at the moment. This means more puzzles, rooms, and story. I hope to add more detail to each room as they look a little plain. 

I also will be adding music. I started looking into it when I was working on the game but I quickly realized that it's going to take some time for me to learn and add.

Any other suggestions are greatly appreciated. This is my first game so I hope to learn a lot from it. 

Thank you again!