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For feedback, majority of the game level can be improve by

1) Making sure the items can be pick up, one part of the game in the 2nd round, a note stating 'Lies' could not be picked up.

2) Some of the UI could not interact, especially the SAVE GAME, since it was mentioned in the game that it can be save. 

3) When reaching the final part, when looking for the showcase in the Mansion, the wall was not patched up, and easily fallen from the map.  

4) The monster design is not bad, however with limited amount of ammo, the fight was awkward, especially the zoom in. 

5) Inventory system was nice.

5) The story was not able to connect on the reason why he is there, or is it purposely meant to be 'Voices in my head' where the protagonist is suffering internally?

Overall, hopefully this will help. However, you definitely need a tester for this prior before releasing the game, because it was very unfinished and to be sold for USD$3. 

So enjoyable and the whistling XD

Loving the demo and the Asian Horror vibe is on point! You guys portrayed the Asian Horror Mythology so well, I relate it in many levels! Keep up with development and hope for the best for your team! Thank you!

The ambiance of the environment made it unsettling! So good and well done! Hope to see more on this game!

I personally enjoy this game! I got spooky feeling knowing I have experience this first hand, and my goodness, I love the paper art drawing. Keep it guys! I'm looking forward for more!