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Hey, thanks for the interest but sorry about that, I don't have a way to test it and no team to help me, but I'll take in account the fact that there's interest in case I can make an update.

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///NOTE TO READERS/// Comments made before the 25th of August are aimed at the previous build of the game. The game has been upgraded, this includes changes in some game mechanics and level design.

Oh, side note, you'll probably also want to keep a balanced long range-close range approach with the last boss, or it'll be near impossible; highly recommended saving your predator. Another side note: you can skip dialogue pressing start/enter, have fun! hope it's not too infuriating heh.

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Thanks man, taking notes here, always appreciated! you'd benefit a lot from switching between gun modes if you had all of them at this point (and completed the challenges) I'll continue in your video-

Nice! glad you're having a good time; I also agree with a lot of what you say on the video, and do take notes; by the way, I highly recommend getting the ultra shot, it's my personal favorite, predator is just an absolute cheap bastard and hydra is mostly for dealing with crowds.

Super awesome, man, I've had some great input and response so far from people who have played it, I hope to keep building on this experience, and totally agree, should put out a demo, which I will.

Forgot to mention, if you ever want to take it for a spin email me at for a key. Thanks!

Hey man, thanks! It was super heavy doing every single thing myself, but I learned a lot, I really hope I can continue making games, it's my new favorite thing.

Thanks man! seems like a real fair review, I appreciate that and will definitely take note of the issues during the current development of what's basically the sequel; this being a prologue of sorts; It'd be longer and more polished, and it's already in the works; so input like this is very important. I'll share your video in my Facebook page if that's OK.

Yeah, I actually put it there so it didn't catch you by surprise, also first shots hit the ground, but it's probably too fast and the alarm is too low, so maybe better visual cues.

Noted! thanks for the input, being able to react is important, maybe more sound/visual cues should be added.