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This sounds pretty interesting usually it’s just some usually a step sibling our brother and sister thing it’s rare for me to find in laws. I’ll definitely have to buy it when that check comes in

so i did the elite ending, but the save doesn’t show up, nor does sloth show up at the ending in act 1. I tried manually copying and pasting the save to the saves in act 2’s save folder and while it shows up in the menu it says it isn’t compatible

I have an Idea, but I am no coder nor a modder, just an admiring fan since the Skyrim modding days, but I would ask for a separate of gender for futanari and trans. maybe even a transman or transwomen seperation for those that wonna get pregger and transman for those that dont for other people. I am not gonna assume it is easy, but I have faith you can do it, no rush. also I cant seem to find the older-younger download module anywhere after accidentally deleting it cause my computer decided it needed free space

what are the minimum requirement to play