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Heya, its me tyr, so I am having issues trying to get into the game i'll send a vid, I can't tell if it's my PC or the game so I'm double checking.

please send me a dm

yeah I'm more active on discord

do you have twitter that way I can take this into an environment where it doesn't take the whole page? because legit I could talk to you on stuff like this for hours

comodore 64, atari, old coding like basic, java, all the fun stuff

but like old tech

Yeah I'm 14 trying to learn with a background of tech savy peeps

Thank you!

I'm also trying to learn how you made the game, you used i'm guessing clickteam fusion because in the dev files they are MFA files which can only be used by clickteam programs,and for the glitches its done with clickteam, but I love the fake virus, one thing that has stopped me from making a game is that I want to make a meta game but because of my lack of knowledge I have been unable to really settle down on a game I want, I want to make a platformer based on IMSCARED but add a fake virus element but once again not knowing how to doing things doesn't help, so any info on how to do any of this would be useful 
please contact me at
no that was not a promo I just made it as a 2nd email to have I need to set up a business email soon and once again thank you for giving me info and taking the time out of your schedule to talk and help me and help us fans of the games. 

also and sorry for so many questions, are you a group entity or just one person like do you have a group or is it just you?

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also good luck on a dark place 2

once again thank you, I know game development is hard, I have tried and tried and tried again but keep failing something always goes wrong so once again thank you!

thank you!and is there a way to make the game for lower end graphic cards the game is, shall I say not able to be handled on lower end computersand I really want to play the game myself, but I can't because its to high of a graphic for my computer to handle it and once again thank you, it wasn't the alt-f4 I was hoping for I'll post the markiplier video I wanted to reference 

10:52 for the time stamp and once again thank you

I have a question, so I know this game has a fake virus and there is something I want to set up, I want to re create the detect alt f4 file but I want to make it my own, is there a simple way you can tell me how to pull something like that off?