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Dale Green

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Awesome. Thanks for the pointers! :)

Hi Calum,

Here's my take on the code issue. The code brief states:

This project is designed to mimic studio processes. It is important that for this challenge you utilize the existing project and do not start again from scratch.

Keyword there for me is utilize. They've given us some base mechanics and a base solution so build from that. In real studio processes code gets dropped all the time! My approach is if you can look at the final game, and can clearly see it's an evolution of the original code base, then that should be fine. For example, the mechanics of flocking/repelling are a huge part of what we were given, so that should probably be in the final product in some form.

Regarding build platform, I'd stick with desktop if I were you. Just my $0.02, but it's going to reduce any chances of causing problems. What if the judges don't have access to the hardware? Or they don't have a device with the specs to run your game well enough? Given our time-frame if I were you I'd stick to desktop and save yourself a myriad of potential headaches. Again, take that with a pinch of salt. 100% just my bias opinion on the matter. :)

Good luck dude! Hopefully someone from Aardvark will be along to clarify!


Hi Calum!

Nice idea. I agree best part of a Jam is seeing what everyone is up to!

What Uni you from dude? :) Would be cool to know where everyone is that's taking part!

Nice idea! My initial thoughts are a space title. The floaty controls of the player would lend themselves to that. Throw in some parallax, particle effects and it will look pretty! I'll reveal more on mechanics later down the line. ;) I've also been thinking about going down the multiplayer route, and some procedural generation work. My idea requires me to tweak the flocking code to more gravity/orbital mechanics, so hopefully that's OK! It'll largely be the same. I have a plan for the repelling mechanic so that will stay untouched!

Good look with your project! Maybe we could throw up some screenshots when we've made some progress?



University of Huddersfield, BSc(Hons) Computer Games Programming