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Amazing game! Great work, guys <3

Yes, it will (in the future).

Would be great, if we could set a background.PNG image to use as bezel/background when it's displayed at full screen.
Also would be great if we could set a "display size ratio" in the config (like x2, x4, x8 , ...) for when NOT displayed at full screen.

Excellente démo. Je l'ai dévorée aujourd'hui entre 2 cafés.
Tout y est, l'ambiance si particulière et familière de la série, la musique de Badalamenti, les personnages qu'on aime et même plus (Easter Eggs). Quelques libertés prises à certains moments  (et c'est tant mieux).
Le seul vrai regret est que cette démo se termine si rapidement... (j'ai quand même dû passer presqu'1 heure dessus).

Je me refaire quelques parties parce que franchement... c'est tellement bon, qu'on en redemande !

Félicitations à la Blue Rose Team!

“I have no idea where this will lead us, but I have a definite feeling it will be a place both wonderful and strange.”

It's not yet available... just wait a few more minutes.

thank you, Max

thank you 😘 

The graphics, chara and level design made by SJ (also is the story and dialogs).

Bien sûr, j'enverrai la ROM gratuitement à toutes les personnes qui auront acheté l'édition physique.

Merci, thank you !

Oh, wow. That's very cool! I am flattered. Thank you for supporting my work

Thank you <3

I really like that GB game. You're transported in the last scene of the original series. Wonderful!

I had a great time finishing it...

Merci. Thank you for playing and for that video :)

thank you, HipsterElephant. I will continue that demo/prototype game, one day adding more levels, game mechanics, monsters,… (and why not a physical release).

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thank you showka.

You’re right, it’s a false positive. I am really sorry about that. I am searching for a better alternative to make a pc version using the rom file.

Feel free to download the rom only versions (which are the same).

thank you,

I am glad you liked this little game.

I will certainly expand it one day (just need to find time to go back on that project).

Thanks for the YouTube video link 😘 

Thank you for him ;)

Thank you , for him <3

Don't worry. We have all the time in the world <3 

awesome 👍