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Is there a chance you can update the game to allow controls from a game controller, alongside keyboard?

first since new update

Thanks, lad.

Very good game. Nice music. Great challenge hearkening back to the DS games. 9.3/10.

Interesting  concept. I reached 1000 but still said i lost. Wtf is that shit homie. Music was a mix between scary and catchy like aids. 7.8/10

Fantastic game. I tried twice, both landed  on me getting me legs discombobulated. Music was suspenseful and story was engaging. 9/10. 

Got a 39 highscore. EZclap. Great game. Went with the in game music instead. Simple and charming. 7.2/10

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Poogers.  Thank you for the download option. Now mods can get off there asses and verify it.

Good. Kinda reminds me of Beyond Perception. Minimalist maze puzzles are a genre that should be developed more. 8/10 game. Just submitted to

Just placed top 100 in my first run. This game is pretty good, poog even.

The lads and I like it.

From all my experience, a pacifist is playing the game without damaging anyone. I didn't know there was a mode for that given that it was my first time playing it.

I managed to beat the game once I got into the boat after beating the Slime dungeon.

Some of the translation  errors were just slight  grammar mistakes  .   Anyone who speaks fluent English   reading it once can easily   point out the mistakes. There  were  many in just the dialogue  boxes, so it  would take some time to list them all.

There  was a graphic error when battling   Leonore   being taken over by   Tormented.   There   are two  renderings of    her   character, one   that is one the ground   in  pain,  and  another one walking around   on the right side of the   level.   Not  sure  if   this  was intentional,  but seemed  out of place. 

The  puzzles were also good. They weren't to easy to be boring and not too difficult to break progression.  

A lot trying to understand the game was just from the translation to English.  

Those are my initial  issues with out replay. I can offer more  when I replay it.

Thanks, lad.

Just played the demo, and this has great potential. Some translation errors, and fix of the  graphics, but overall, a good demo.

Is this game  still being worked on?

Is this still in development?

Is this game still being worked on?

Is the game no longer being worked on

10/10, lad

Is it possible to skip the third level? Every time I play get let less than 2 in the first two levels, I skip the third level to the win screen. Is this intentional?

I can't seem to exit fullscreen of the game once I go fullscreen. is that a bug?

Awesome work, lad. I seem to have an issue with the downloaded version. When ever i'm bumping inbetween a block and a block with a spike on it, the quicker I move inbetween, makes my character "clip jump" into the spike, killing me. Is this a bug of the speed or something else. Thanks lad.

How many levels are there?