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This demo was awesome!! 

So I got stuck after receiving the 3rd gem and I don't know if it's because the game is unfinished but overall it was awesome and unique!! :D

This was awesome!! :D Can't wait for part 2 ;)

Enjoyed the game :)

All these jumpscares got me good lmao though your remake does look pretty sweet :)

I see where you got your inspiration  from.. ;) great game none the less!

This was really good and similar to the joy of creation bedroom :D

Loved your demo Luka! It was pretty damn stressful at times but it was really fun to keep on playing :) I think I came very close to the ending though :s please let me know! ;)

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Loved this!! You said it was going to be immersive and you did a damn good job!! 

Best fap I've had in a stall 10/10

Few good jumpscares & spooks ;)

I was expecting something more creepy but this threw me off so hard I was speechless at the end LOL nice job xD

Short but sweet! :)

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Room 303's inception is trippin me out! xD

This little game was a blast to play! :)

Overall really fun game :) but, they catch you way to easily and the gears seem to be scattered so random it's really a play on luck game :P found the key a few times though! Had 2/4 gears that's how far I got.

A little long for a prototype but enjoyed the experience! :)

I liked it! :)

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Bundled it up with two other games :) was alright but that puzzle picture room got me stuck LOL


For a university project I was pretty impressed! :) Great Job!