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Really like this game. It's so relaxing to walk around and collect gems. Can't wait for future update. I think a VR version could be cool.

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Actually, I think Mine souls is in a pretty good state. I may try to optimize it more for VR, fix the message spamming and maybe push an android version. I have not done update since because I was working on other game and the project became a bit hard to upgrade.

For the next one I want to make an evolution of Mine Souls with the same mechanic and other missing features like save, proper inventory... better in everything.

Yes checkout the Update 1.4 post

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It's already available ! Checkout the devlog Update 1.4

I'll try to put it to sidequest

The game perform poorly on mobile and currently there is no touchscreen support. However it could work with a wireless controller.

No it's the only thing to do. I think i will add a way to reset the stars and start over.

I try to make it work on Linux but it's not supported on Unity

Unity 2020

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VR is working on Linux ? I will try to make a build.

I put them in important locations of the original game (ex villages, castle, korok forest...). I could add a count when you find one.


There is currently no save system

It's zelda but in VR.

Currently no, maybe later.

I may do an android version but it will only work with a keyboard / mouse or a controller. I don't have time to make a touch interface. It may have performance issues on some smartphones.

it's for the Oculus Quest

try enter key or click the on the press any key

You can replace the skin.png file in Data/StreamingAssets folder of the game with your skin.

I tried to make a linux build but i got weird graphics issues (i think my gpu driver was broken). Anyway i push the linux version. It would be cool if you can tell me if it's work correctly.

I added a slider for the camera speed in the option menu

I added a slider for the camera speed in the option menu

Try the win version not the pcvr

Not for the moment. Maybe later :)

Yeah this will come in the next update.

You mean somes settings or something more like a texture pack ?


If the browser dl dont work try with the itch app

Old update are removed when a new one comes out. Try the

The apk build is for the Oculus Quest VR headset. It will not work with an android smartphone.

Nice! Ragdoll will definitely be a thing in a future update.

It's not planned for the moment.

I push the pcvr version. I would like to know if it worked and the device you're using.

I will try to make a pc vr build.

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Well I haven't played Dark Souls 1 yet so I started with the 3

Thank! I hadn't seen it. It shouldn't open discord now

Thank you ! I thought about doing fights like dark souls rather than minecraft.

Thank! Inventory and weapons will be added later with new locations.