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try enter key or click the on the press any key

You can replace the skin.png file in Data/StreamingAssets folder of the game with your skin.

I tried to make a linux build but i got weird graphics issues (i think my gpu driver was broken). Anyway i push the linux version. It would be cool if you can tell me if it's work correctly.

I added a slider for the camera speed in the option menu

I added a slider for the camera speed in the option menu

Try the win version not the pcvr

Not for the moment. Maybe later :)

Yeah this will come in the next update.

You mean somes settings or something more like a texture pack ?


If the browser dl dont work try with the itch app

Old update are removed when a new one comes out. Try the

The apk build is for the Oculus Quest VR headset. It will not work with an android smartphone.

Nice! Ragdoll will definitely be a thing in a future update.

It's not planned for the moment.

I push the pcvr version. I would like to know if it worked and the device you're using.

I will try to make a pc vr build.

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Well I haven't played Dark Souls 1 yet so I started with the 3

Thank! I hadn't seen it. It shouldn't open discord now

Thank you ! I thought about doing fights like dark souls rather than minecraft.

Thank! Inventory and weapons will be added later with new locations.