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Oh nice, I like it!

nice game, I had a lot of fun!

a fun game!

I am looking very much forward to your update!

If I may give some humble advice: Add shift+LMB/RMB picks up /drops 10 workers and maybe even ctrl +LMB/RMB picks up/ drops 50workers or something.

This game is awesome!

Thank you for playing the game! Did you crash the spaceship or did the game crash on you?

Thank you very much for your kind words!

I really like this game a lot, such a good idea! An RTS game where you are moving your base.

However there is a really annoying issue: I keep clicking "Quit to Menu" by accident when making a selection rectangle...

Very fun game!

I find it fun to play!

You could increase the bounding box of the green enemy ship slighty, you feel somewhat betrayed if you hit the model but it doesnt count ;)

fun little game!

maybe you could increase your firing frequency and increase enemy hp. I think that because the firing feels a little slow imho.

We are somewhat tired but very happy that we have managed to finish and submit our game: Achieve a perfect landing with a spacecraft on a variety of different planets:

Feedback is very much appreciated!