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Daisy Chains

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Thank you so much! <3

No problem ^_^

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Hello, i'm really sorry you are having troubles running the game. I've added a step by step instructions to my page to help others if they are new to downloading games like this.

- One thing you might want to double check is if you have the right version (since there are both mac & pc options). 

- Another would be, you have to extract the files to your computer before you start playing it, as some of the files won't run in the zipped folder.

I hope this helps! Anymore troubles please just let me know. ^^

Already love this game! <3
Will definitely be helping out with the kickstarter! ^_^

Hiya~Just wanted to say i recently finished playing this game and utterly adored it. The characters are so sweet, the art is stunning, you guys should be super proud of yourselves. Thank you for making such a wonder VN <3