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The big issues:

  • no unique game mechanic
  • a little too easy? It's kind of hard to die, making the already dull game even more tedious
  • no music, no sound, no backgrounds

Good things about the game:

  • how squishy the animations look
  • that's it

Submitted! The game is definitely far from finished; it is an absolute mess with so many things I left unfixed (I'll talk about those things in a separate comment). But I tried my best and enjoyed the experience, so thank you for hosting this jam!

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Update: I've gotten the mechanics down, I think. (Enemy generation, health, score, etc.) All that's left is mostly art stuff, which I unfortunately usually end up spending too much time on.

Five hours to go!!!

Thank you :^) Good luck to you as well !!

I'm planning on making a one room top-down game. Enemies appear from outside the room and move towards the stranger's "stuff" in the middle of the room. There will also be some way to get items to help you fight off the enemies. Your final score is determined based on how well the "stuff" was protected.

I started really last minute, but this is a small game. I'm going to try my best! Hopefully I make something decent.

Random Game Seed: 51228233988
Random Game Idea: A mini game where you are forced to live with trust.
Title: Can You Watch My Stuff?
Idea: A stranger decides that you seem like a trustworthy person and leaves their things with you. Protect their belongings from danger until they return.