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Cool game, I wished the story was longer than 10 mins......Seriously you should consider taking up the project again.


Hello guys, I did short gameplay of this awesome work of art. I love the art, music, and everything but I really suggest there should be checkpoints or lots of health pickups in the game because without it would be hard for an average player to even beat the first boss.

Really? that's cool bro(No offense if you're a lady too)

Hiring someone on Fiverr or Upwork would probably cost a lot buh it's freeee here


I need help, I can't record this game on OBS or Camtasia

This pizza tower fan game is incredible, mad respect to the devs of this game. I did a little gameplay of the first level(I don't know if I should call it a speedrun)

Wow, gameplay is really amazing, I am pretty sure this is indie masterpiece is gonna make Nintendo feel threatened.Can't wait for it release.

Wow, this game is interesting but challenging especially if you decide to choose the difficult mode(from the lizard guy) before fighting the boss. I chose the easy way guys.