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some notes from this run :

since 20 i just started to sell and ignore everything that is not a house , sawmill , and academy . a cool trick that i discovered is that it's much more safer to build troops in the center of the map instead of houses . houses instead went unprotected far away from center and i really didn't care about them , they served as roadblocks for the enemies more than an economy building since sawmills pretty much covered all economic needs more than enough (couldn't take everything from the daily rewards because of the limit of how much you can hold) .

btw , fully upgraded farms are much worse than sawmills : farms with 3 tiles with about 16 gold on the fertile ground vs sawmills with 2 tiles and about 20 gold (if i remember correctly) . not sure if that is what you intended , but seems like there is no reason to invest in farms at all .

then i realised that towers give 4 population wich is 2 times as efficient as houses . and around day 30 i just started to replace peripheral houses with walls . then i just got tired and ran out of space .

and also , while you select a reward you can still place and sell stuff from your hand , which helps collect more cards than your hand limit . it is probably not intended but very important for selling useless torches right away since even when the whole map is illuminated you still get torch rewards .

great update with bug fixes ! now we need more space :D

thank you for notice :) will try it out again !

nice game !

some of my best recorded runs .

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great idea! but bugs make it unplayable, one with unmovable buildings, another one when days stop progressing, and another one when the game just froze.

update: bugs fixed.

poor Goldie! :(

freeze ftw. "all cards cost 1" is a trap. pick every 0-cost card.

also a suggestion: remove dice from the board on left mouse click. lmb currently doesn't seem to do anything and it is intuitive to undo the dice placement with it.

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fun! thanks.

bug: dice collector thanks you even when you change your mind and do not discard any dice

Music is good.

great game! thank you for the experience

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Prime suffering and arithmetic frustration.

Still love the idea of wordless games. When it speaks to you in its own language. Thanks for making this demo.

Great game. Are there any development plans for mobile?