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Axu community » Bugs · Created a new topic Bugs I found so far

Hey, I'm really enjoying the game, it does reminds me of all the good stuff caves of qud has, hope you keep developing.
Here are the bugs I found so far:

1- when you eat a dismembered limb you get their stats permanently, for example eating a str 1 arm gives you 1 str permanently, I managed to get 41 speed and 18 str this way

2- You can cast the spell blink to teleport into walls, that allowed me to talk to the leader of the kindred of the deep without having to find a way to open the door

3- When a spirit from summon spirits spell kills an enemy the game freezes you in place, you can reload and it will be back to normal

4- The quests for finding a gun and fusion cell do not update when you find the item, so it makes finding the npc who requested it near impossible, also found out the quest to find the artifact for Isazna doesn't update when you get it in the volcano

5- When you have more than around 15 items in the inventory it starts bugging out and you can't scroll all the way to the bottom, that is especially bad when trading because you have no way of telling how much the item is worth for selling

6- When travelling through snow I got the message that the snow was too deep to fast travel, my character then bugged out and could only move left and right, when trying to go into the zoomed view it said I couldn't go to the map because there were enemies nearby. Saving and loading fixed the issue and I was in the zoomed in view

7-Villages I have been into before appear as unknown in the map after reloading the game

Very nice game and concept, if you manage to polish its rough edges and add some more random content to give it more replayability it would make for a very good game that I would not hesitate to buy

Excellent game, really having some trouble getting past level 3 though. The mechanic of naturalizing is awesome, really gives a lot of flavor to the game. If there is one thing I could say I needed more it would be more variety of the new learned skills. The art style was really great as well, simple yet very expressive and coherent