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If I may?

I just want to say for those of you who are disappointed that Raze is not a romanceable character again…

It’s refreshing to have a change of pace including the lack of a demonspawn love interest, not that I dislike romancing them but each game shouldn’t be focused on dating goat-legs. Instead, the narrative should be centered on expanding the world, legends, and history within the series. Without the passion to drive the story it would become an empty shell of its former glory and thus lack the elements that we love about it in the first place. Plus, it allows for different perspectives and insight on the decades that have passed since Bright’s role. 

 Demonheart is a story and not a demonspawn dating simulator after all, that means meeting new characters and being introduced to more of the dark lore and dangerous encounters that we hold dear to our “hearts”.

It wouldn’t surprise me if the dev had already anticipated people’s reactions (hence why you can flirt with the captor but not touch) and is probably putting extra care and detail into the two romanceable options to win you over.  Remember humans are unpredictable therefore, just as capable of acting demonic, and love crazy as a demonspawn, perhaps even worse.  (Definitely worse)

I am sure the two humans/demonhearts will more than make up for the absence of wings, hooves, horns, and tail if you gave them a chance. Who knows maybe if we are lucky, perhaps we will even get some extra steamy scenes. (Hint hint)

I feel there is a lot of inspiration put in by Lamb here to make something special and it would be a shame if the story was sacrificed for the sake of fan-service.


I implore you to try out the demo if you still haven’t already before you place any further judgment. Keep in mind that this is a death game and what appears to be an expansion of the demonheart and hunter plot so it might not rely heavily on demonspawn at all or could be introducing new elements to the story.


Perhaps we will learn more about demonhearts and the many questions that surround them.

What is the true purpose of demonhearts? Are they truly of their own free will or do demonspawns and demons have some influence that we are not yet aware of?

Is there some truth to the prophecy? What does their heart taste like, chicken?

This game might be a bit of different approach from the others but it welcomes new adventures and experiences. If Lamb wrote the same story repeatedly, always including demonspawn love interest than it would get boring, so try something new and you might be surprised.

What mysterious and lies do we have yet to discover? I hope you all are as excited about seeing how everything unravels as I am.

You just don’t know where the story will lead and that is what makes it fun.

I will end it here as I still want to open up a new topic later to share my thoughts, excitement, and review of the demo for the upcoming game. I wish you all luck at the trials!

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

I must say, I am thoroughly enjoying this and glad to see the progress it has made thus far. Every side has a story but only the victors write history, therefore, it's a treat to play a character who can witness both sides and weigh the good as well as the bad from different perspectives if the reader so desires.

The characters are interesting but what is more fascinating is the world they live in. I look forward to discovering what the world and characters have to offer as the story unfolds.

On the technical side of things, I also received the rollback error while playing but it did not seem like a problem when I had played the game using the provided name of the main character Cynna rather than picking one of my own.

I just wanted to let you know that I played your game and thoroughly enjoyed it. I have played plenty of good games from the VtM jam but this one left the biggest impression on me. I liked Farabutto's route and character the most but the princess's route shows more behind the scenes of what is really happening. I did my best to get all endings but I don't think I figured out the super secret ending, care to disclose how to get it? ;) wink wink.

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I am surprised this is not getting more praise to be honest but I also don't think the description does the story justice. The writing paints a wonderful picture of a magical world on the verge of collapsing under the rule of the daemons and the now powerless fae are at their mercy desperately trying to survive as their civilization begins to crumble.

The slight animations and well crafted writing helps readers visualize the story as it unfolds, but what really puts the icing on the cake is the main characters that must play a part in the plot.

I was stunned and shocked that the dark prince was not afraid to be evil. A true villain! Most stories of the romance nature tend to tame and soften demon and monster like characters quite a bit which is not necessarily bad but I miss the thrill of danger and the allure of the dark unknown that made them interesting in the first place. However black Drakon's heart may be it's no match for the clever and courageous might of the fae princess.

The music and artwork is also quite lovely and fit the theme of the novel.

I am excited to read the next chapter!

-Whose route would you choose first? And why?

Out of the three Isseki Nitori stood out to me the most for his creepy yet awkwardly friendly approach but after her dream about Takane I am also curious about his route and why his character was the only one to appear different from his past, so he is a close second.

-Which version did you play? (PC/Mac/Android/Web?)


-What's your favorite scene/event?

All the mysterious pass lives and dream portion of the story.

I am also curious about the lore behind the curse.

-Are you interested in playing the full release? :>

Of course. I have to find out how it ends. ^^

This is a very interesting concept! I am really curious to see how the story will unfold but I am already getting the sense that the main character plays a bigger role in the plot than she might realize. I have a few theories but since I don't want to spoil any possible outcomes I will keep it to myself but I am excited to see if I am right. 

The motives of every character is questionable and the real reason behind their intentions seem less obvious, this is a game of deceit after all.

Keep up the good work and I look forward to seeing your progress!

I played this before but returned to read the next chapter and I am enjoying it so far. The banter between Jay and Maxwell is a lot of fun and I love me some good old fashion mysteries! Maxwell is hands down my favorite since he has that good detective thing going on and seems genuinely interested in helping others. I will be back to check for future updates.