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I can't see my save file ... is there a directory to check this?

its working now. Thank you!

I think there is an issue with Luke & with the guy you contact to break the Pizza Delivery car...

Using messenger to contact the guy:

I'm sorry, but an uncaught exception occurred.

While running game code:

  File "game/script.rpy", line 1151, in script call

    call tutorial from _tutorial

  File "game/man_guy.rpy", line 46, in script


  File "renpy/common/000statements.rpy", line 459, in execute_pause


  File "game/man_guy.rpy", line 26, in execute

    screen phone_neutralchatguy():

  File "game/man_guy.rpy", line 26, in execute

    screen phone_neutralchatguy():

  File "game/man_guy.rpy", line 27, in execute


  File "game/man_guy.rpy", line 31, in execute

    image "wallpaper[contwall].png" xpos 0.3315 ypos 0.0711

Exception: DynamicImage 'wallpaper[contwall].png': could not find image. ('wallpaper1.png')

Why is it so hard to find the park???

wait... are the screenshots really in the game or not?

the problem is, the timer is so fast you wont even reach the second/third dot because of how slow the movement of the circle

The new task for the Priest(done already) and the souldier are untranslated in TaskJournal. usually if the task's name is "3" its usually untranslated in the TaskJournal tab.

Thank you!

I think you should post Changelogs for every update :)

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is there a content if we get 100/100 affection with the priest?

<spoilers> if you having trouble defeating Enthralled explorer









Strip then Attack then Strip then Attack (repeat)


Should I continue my old save or start a new game?

any changelogs for ~1.6?

it doesn't work on some games

he looks like Dwight from DBD 

this one is scary as F XD

The RNG is kind of annoying, its so hard to increase lust....

i just wish the autosave for the ending is still asked :/ too bad I really wanna see how I lose with the king :/

your AV?

there is a shady place in the right side

Hmmm the easiest way to seduce the enemies is to "Present Yourself"

So I have 2 gamesaves 0.201 and 0.204 and I'm surprise that I have these items(Mystery Vial & Azure Band) in 0.201. Did I miss something in 0.204 cause I don't have it?

I'm sorry, I got it following the story of 0.204[this scene will trigger after completing the 0.204 and talking to the blacksmith]

Matt - The Best Friend ~ "Sure <3"

i got it lol so after completing 0.204 I just need to talk to the blacksmith. X_X

Its inaccessible for now... Wait, how come your FOV is so wide X_X. I can't even see the orange mushroom in my end.

i feel so sad that I missed one memory X_X. Will this affect the future game play?

is this included in the walkthrough?

here but its not yet updated to v0.2

I can smell steam achievements :p

reminds me of Polidog's background music <3

is there a guide for 0.200-0.204?


so I need to create a new save file?

excited for the twin's mini story update ...

because his weakness is not the same with the dark knight's weakness

you can always use cheat engine if you don't like grinding that much :p

woah, a surprise Christmas update . thank you!

gonna play it today. thank you!

Aw! is there other way of getting this game, other than paying using paypal @_@