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When is ep 2 releasing?

The only thing that changes is the baby's mood nothing else. You should give it a try it's pretty fun

Thanks for the information my whole computer is garbage. I don't have a graphics card in my computer. This info helps.

Im not able to click the start button only the exit button

Make a downloadable version of this game I can't play on browsers.

I wish I could play this I heard good things. Is there a downloadable version?

Is there multiple endings?

To reset contols press control c.

This was superb. Ending blew my mind.

Sleeptime fun

When I reach the power box nothing happens when I press it

What's this message mean?

where is it? its been years?

It feels like theres a worse ending but I didn't know how to get it.

I got to be honest I loved this game.

I was just kidding around. Portuguese is great. Wish I knew how to speak it or any language besides English. I am a lazy American though so it's hard.

Why pay for a free game from new grounds? This game is really old as well.

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i think your english audio myllasfreitas is playing backwards i couldnt understand it.

You would think it would be easier to see with the blindfold off.

Blew my mind lol wasn't exspecting it. Thought it was just coincidence.

I'm sure if you keep looking you will find it 😉😈

Dang I wish it would load i had high expectations

There is an alternate ending if you find all 70 kings tears.

How you do that?

For some reason I just spin in circles

Dude my name is alex that had me trippin. Alternate ending?