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Fantastic Job! This is awesome. Made a video for it on our Youtube channel. I want more.

MORE MORE MORE PLS! I made a video for my channel cause it's awesome. BLAMDOWN!

This is fantastic, from the art & great music, to the unique gameplay. This has me wanting more. I had to play it on my youtube channel because everyone should know about this game.

This is brilliant, please please please expand this into a bigger full game. This was fantastic.

Thank you for making this incredibly hystercal game. As someone whom tried yoga and felt like this character the entire time, it hit home and had me in stitches. I made a video of it for my youtube channel.

I really really hope this gets made, if not change the characters and make it! I made my own little vid on my LIL youtube channel

This game is AWESOME! Even though I'm not a cop, I can relate to a lazy office and leaving all the work to the last minute. It's almost too accurate ;) I made a video for my little youtube channel if that's okay.

I'm glad you loved the video. I'm the one on the left (non glasses) We absolutely love this game and we both can't implore you enough to go mobile when you get to that stage. This is a perfect mobile game. Thanks again.

HOLY CRAP, this is such a great game, impossible to stop playing and incredible. Put t his on the mobile app stores and sell it! Me and my buddy had so much fun playing it, we made a video for our channel The Lightning is INCREDIBLE!

I want to thank you for this unbelievable game. The writing, the arwork, the story is just incredible! I am floored at the level of quality here. Briliant job. I loved this so much I'm starting a playthrough series

I want to deeply thank for bringing me WAY BACK into my youth of dying so many times from trying everything on evil things. This is so damn good that I even made a video!

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Thank you for this amazing game! I loved it so much that I made a video