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I just bought it.  There so much more depth than before!  I love it.  Thanks for making a great game.

That was a great demo.  I'm definitely following this one now.  Of note, I found the voluntary wasteful consumption of a limited resource to be massively counterintuitive.  Knowing there are a limited number of films available, I didn't want to burn them up on trivia, which discouraged exploration.  Games usually strongly penalize burning up limited resources without an obvious need for them but otherwise the rest flowed pretty well.  The graphics are great, the controls are good, and it feels like it'll treat the genre with respect.  Really curious where this heads!  Can't wait for further developments!

My mistake then!  I hadn't noticed the new content, or maybe my memory of when I first played this is off.  Then again, winter is half the year here.  Either way, I was curious because it's a great game and I am eager to see where it goes.  You've done an awesome job.

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What's the general time line you're working under to complete this?  It looks like the download hasn't seen action since I tried it for the first time some time last winter.  Not saying "go quicker" either (not discouraging it but that's not the point).  You do you.  Just wondering what time line you're imagining for yourself.