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maybe caps lock is on?,  and you need to keep holding the button . maybe I should make that more clear in the tutorial.

thanks for trying, let me know if you got it to work else I will look into it and send you a new version :).


that dashing ability makes me wanna speed run this game ^^

At first i thought it was a bit easy but then it got real challenging :D. well done. 

I like how you introduce players into the difficulty.  You should make a version where you can build your own levels. you could get a real cool community going. get mad complex  levels.


agreeing with lordcloud , cool puzzles that was fun. 

maybe adjust the looks of the main menu to fit the game a bit better, as this might be the first impression. 

thanks :), I saw I was not the only one that went that direction.

hope you had fun .


hey thanks for playing :) , glad you liked it. 

I wanted to stick with one key mechanic 

I never made / published a game before i wasn't sure how long everything was going to take.

still ended up with some lack of sleep hehe.