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find it, lvl 11 Done (with lvl 4 upgrade)

Where are the savegame x)
i would like test the beta version with my save...

Hey, i know it's factorio x)

the game has referenced for gnu_linux
and if that unity. it's easy to make a Linux_x64 version,just 1 clic before complied.
Dae#5125 on discord

i'm on lubuntu 18.04x64 clearly installed.
but, you can make test with a simple USB key

take rufus,
Lubuntu 18.04 iso
and make a Live usb,
reboot on usb and install launcher for ubuntu (.deb package)
you can make you test without a shit VM ;)
and when you shutdow and pull the usbkey you can re-start on windows without any modification .

or i can test it for you

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Stone + Stone = Wall
wall + Wood = door
Gem + torch = fire pit

extract coal on somethink like.
less useless key please, more wood drop.
pick up 3 same item

less "stone" snowman, more "wooden" snowman

[E] key for, grab item in this order ( torch, tools, wood, stone, key) on caractere radius

Exit code 0x7f (127) for (runner)

if you are on unity engine, you can compile on linux 64, just on 1 clic

no linux 64 version ?

City Clickers community · Created a new topic GnuLinux 64

hello coul you make a version for ubuntu (gnulinux 64) please ?

Why the game are so fast ? i can't just walk ?

how i can find the OST ?

when i switch keyborad layout, that not affect the game.
but i use antimicro + paddle.
so i have bind my arrow on it

add 1 or 2 checkpoint

could you make linuxx64 executable ?

could you Add qwerty>azerty option ?

hello, i have try and love the free beta test
i should play now , i have buy the game, but i can't run it

i try with parsec

instal the launcher and install it

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i have 7z instal by default, AND i use itch app, so i don't need unzip nothing .. just donwload and run game.
on folder game, i have only EXE and no exactuable for Gnu_linux (ubuntu) 

Ubuntu64x don't run

Finallly !

could you add "stop show me this message" when we "loss" please ?

could you compiled your game on X64 for Gnu_linux please

ok i'm done, but, why ruby and talisman ?

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linux version please ?

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Ok i'm done

(2 edits)

-Any possibility export txt on XML file to translat it ?Dae#5125 (discord)
- sound / volume menu ?
- controle menu (i'm on azerty)

evable multiplayer - coop ?

dude, this is a java soft, take the itch launcher and dl the game x) doesn't existe on ubuntu18.04...

We do not ask to be paid, however, we will accept donations (bitcoin paypal, free licence game). We would also appreciate being quoted in

the credits (end of game).
I am now waiting for your answer.
Thank you for acknowledging the receipt of this email.
Dae, Omicron translation team's Leader.

Sorry  for the html balise :/

I am the leader of a french translation team, and we mostly
translate games, software, and various files.
My team and I would like to offer you our help to translate your project, and thus make your project accessible to a wider audience.
So, if you are interested in our services, we can make a deal.
Here are our prerequisites : the texts to translate must be in .txt,
.doc, or equivalent format files and, of course, please indicate your
deadlines (if any).
We can also translate jpg/png or even pdf files, although it will take
us a little more time to translate.
Depending on how complex the image to translate is, we reserve the
right to accept or refuse the translation.
do not ask to be paid, however, we will accept donations (bitcoin
paypal, free licence game). We would also appreciate being quoted in
###span class=""<the credits="" (end="" of="" game).<="" span="">
>span class=""### 
I am now waiting for your answer.
###span class=""<thank you="" for="" acknowledging="" the="" receipt="" of="" this="" email.<="" span="">
>span class=""### 
Dae, Omicron translation team's Leader.</thank></the>

<the credits="" (end="" of="" game).<="" span=""><thank you="" for="" acknowledging="" the="" receipt="" of="" this="" email.<="" span="">Dae#5125 (discord)</thank></the>

<the credits="" (end="" of="" game).<="" span=""><thank you="" for="" acknowledging="" the="" receipt="" of="" this="" email.<="" span="">--
Je suis le coordinateur d'une équipe de Localisation (traduction), pour des jeux vidéos, des programmes ou divers documents.
mon équipe et moi souhaiterions vous proposer notre aide pour traduire votre projet, et ainsi rendre votre projet accessible à un plus grand public.
Si vous pensez être intéressé par nos services nous pourrions conclure un accord.
Voici nos pré-requis: les textes devront être au format .doc ou .txt
et évidemment, merci de nous indiquer vos délais (s'il y en a).
Il nous est aussi possible de traduire des jpg/png ou pdf.
Cependant, selon la complexité de l'image à traduire, nous nous réservons le droit d'accepter ou de refuser la traduction.
ne demandons pas à être payé pour traduire votre projet, bien que nous
ne refuserons jamais les dons (bitcoin, paypal, jeux gratuit)
la seuls demande serais d’apparaître dans les crédits du jeu
Je reste dans l'attente d'une réponse de votre part.
Merci d'accuser de la bonne réception de ce mail.
Dae, Coordinateur de l'équipe de traduction Omicron.

can you send a linux 64, version ?

crée-le cela ira plus vite

Hi, 2question.
- can you send a Linux 64 package (.deb or other)
- would you need help to translat the game in french ?


i re-download the game or i need modify my playonlinux virtual drive ?

have you see my old post for translat your game ?

yeap, crash after 1lvl or if i "open door" in glitsh lvl