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how to make it on full screen 

possibility to change control ? i'm on azerty

and about my idea ?

linux 64 version ?

i would add some of your creation on a project opensources.
you should be credited but some of files could be readble on sourcescode on github

if you make a new video preview for your game
- less jumpcut
- less white flash
-no blur if you move

you will get a much more readable and enjoyable video.

it's free and opensources ?

no gnu_linux x64 version ?

10mn later, i have double the crop production. and the fish prod. x)

out of this view, 10 tavern (for beer and prostitution ;) and 8 church, to confesse prodistitution...

dude are happy x)

hello, i'm on Lubuntu 18.04 and i have only a tiny black windows open, nothing more :/

the 40.41 dont run on lubuntu
have you any idea how i can download the v0.40 ?

nice, do you think you can update it ?
for exemple opensources simple ? or effect make with mouth ?
it'"s sad with sound :/

no sound ? any ?

(3 edits)

first, Don't use space, NEVER use spaces in your folder or file names.
windows/mac/Ubuntu whatever the bone, it always messes up, it's boring

the original idea was not to test a finished product, but you are helping with a prototype. tell you what is working or not for you guided. In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

actually, when i try use wine on your game

i suppose i need "some" dependencies or dll ?"

if you want beta tester for Linux x64 i'm here
Dae#5125 on discord

any chance to have a linux x64 version ?

if i play on itch, i don't wait need wine. :/
if he use unity, 2mouseclic, to make a gnu_linux x64 version

could you make a option to rebind key ? i'm on azerty

and for lvl 3 ?

All my citizen are 90 happiness.

i Found a bug,if you push "high tax" if you have 0 citizen/ labor ( 0/4193/0)
game crash and you can't load back

4 hour of game
2 city.

Old one (begin) and "sqare town"
all need accomplish
19k of water,  790 of cereal, 650 wool, 1080 flour, 1585 clothes, 364 leather, 6471 wine, 

16 372 Food, 11 434 wood, 1 672 stone 
3 200 000 gold (+24M benefic, -10M cost) 
+12.912 tax
4193 inhabitant
1031 day  ingame

no  lvl 3 yet.

To Pass on Lvl 2, make all your house on green, (all needed  enable) and 90+ of happynes.
to pass Lvl 3, i suppose it's same but with 2000+ villager

the game has referenced for gnu_linux
and if that unity. it's easy to make a Linux_x64 version,just 1 clic before complied.
Dae#5125 on discord

i'm on lubuntu 18.04x64 clearly installed.
but, you can make test with a simple USB key

take rufus,
Lubuntu 18.04 iso
and make a Live usb,
reboot on usb and install launcher for ubuntu (.deb package)
you can make you test without a shit VM ;)
and when you shutdow and pull the usbkey you can re-start on windows without any modification .

or i can test it for you

(1 edit)

Stone + Stone = Wall
wall + Wood = door
Gem + torch = fire pit

extract coal on somethink like.
less useless key please, more wood drop.
pick up 3 same item

less "stone" snowman, more "wooden" snowman

[E] key for, grab item in this order ( torch, tools, wood, stone, key) on caractere radius

Exit code 0x7f (127) for (runner)

if you are on unity engine, you can compile on linux 64, just on 1 clic

no linux 64 version ?

City Clickers community · Created a new topic GnuLinux 64

hello coul you make a version for ubuntu (gnulinux 64) please ?

Why the game are so fast ? i can't just walk ?

how i can find the OST ?

when i switch keyborad layout, that not affect the game.
but i use antimicro + paddle.
so i have bind my arrow on it

add 1 or 2 checkpoint

could you make linuxx64 executable ?