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But Eric if there was a route for Eric he could develope a friendship that becomes friends with benefits. Then grow to want it to be something more.

I agree. I would be up for that!

is this an censor patch to remove the sun sticker and if so how do you get it?

I know that if you pursue Dan there is an option to join in with Elliot a few times. But is it possible to just pursue Elliot and try to date him?

Same for me! I even tried skipping?

old save

I will start over and see if it does the same thing.

I am on Day 9 and just finished the test and met Wilfred. He offers to show me his bike and then I get an exception has occurred  error stating the following

While running game code:

File "game/c-lars_day09.rpy", line 585, in <module>

NameError: name "Wilfred" is not defined

Full traceback:

File "c-lars_day09.rpy", line 585, in script

File "renpy/", line 1131, in execute

 renpy.phython.py_exec_bytecode(self.code.bytecode, self.hide,

File "renpy/", line 1061, in py_exec_bytecode exec(bytecode, globals, locals)

File "game/c-lars_day09.rpy, line 585, in <module>

NameError: name 'Wilfred' is not defined

Windows-10-10.0.19041 AMD64


After Class Itch -v0.9.36i

Hope this will help

Just curious... I went into Father Sloane's room and took things. Then I stopped the girl from poisoning the well. But when I try to return to Minervus it stated that I haven't completed the task?

I agree I am still stuck on it. I keep getting close but obviously not close enough.

There seems to be no game file on the itch? the install field is empty.

I have the same issue. It seems to happen a lot with games built using Unity?

How do you get the uncensored full version?

I am really enjoying this so far. I just wish that the controls at the bottom of the screen were easier to see and read. The pale blue on the yellow text box is super difficult to make out what is what. Otherwise awesome art work and story line!

Will not let me install it through the app . When I click to install the field for the install file is empty?

Wow just found this VN an hope to see more soon. Can't wait for the final product to purchase.

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I downloaded the patch and replaced the the file in the game folder, but it still does NOT offer and uncensored option in the preferences.

Update: Ignore that. I had closed and opened the game and it still did not offer me and uncensored option. Then I remembered doing this previously for another game and they instructed you to exit the game and the windows app. I did that and now the uncensored option appeared in the preferences. I hope that this might be helpful to others.

I am loving this Visual Novel! It is absolutely one of my favorites! I can't wait for the next chapter. 

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Someone from a Reddit sent me a screen shot of the card and told me to keep trying to mouse over the box until it got it.

After about 50 tries to slowly mouse over the box from different angles I managed to get the card!

You might want to consider having the game turn off the hover effect on clicked items to make it a bit easier for the player. Just a suggestion.

There isn't a small card? Just the bottles and the box. When I click on them it tells me I've already checked that.

Truly loving this VN and can't wait for the a0.31 Release!!!

Everything but the Other Clues is checked on the list. When I checked on the perfumes and stuff I found the card but it did NOT check off the box for the Other Clues. Blake will not return to the trailer?

I did that ( objects on the bedside self) and I got the card but it would not continue for some reason?

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I'm stuck!

I am playing the latest version of FromTheTop!

**Spoiler warning**

I have gone to Blake's trailer to ask him to do the student dating thing.

I have gotten the all of the boxes checked except for the "Other Clues" box. 

 I did get errors when I clicked on the bed and the red briefs next to the shoes, but I clicked ignore and it let me continue. I have clicked on everything I can find in the bedroom (bed, pile of clothes,mirrored closet, safe, clothes , sneakers, objects on the bedside self, cabinet, picture, teddy bear, bowl, flower vase, outlet). I have clicked on the bathroom. The living room I have gotten the cupboard and all of the doors by the television, the script, and the stack of tabloids. I don't see anything else?!? Unless there was suppose to have been something when I got the errors?

 I tried a re-install but I still get the errors . 

 I'm still stuck in the trailer at this point and hoping you are able to assist.

Update: I managed to cheat by running the previous version and loading a save from when I first entered the trailer and then saved after Blake returned. Then I switched back to the current version. But there does seem to be a bug in the script.

Awesome! Installed just fine.  Interesting start    ;-)

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it will not let me install this using the windows app

when I click the install button it doesn't seem to find the file?

How do I check the mail? I have the envelop from Tomas but how do I open it?