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Hey, thanks for playing! Yeah, the font's lines were caused by the font itself, not any of the code. It was probably a glitch that caused the story to end, so I update the storyline so it doesn't happen. There is a V3.0 now, it's not an .exe file however. If you read the comments I wrote for the game, you'll see why. Really sorry! This is my first game jam!

-Mayo :)

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Hey, so lots of people are saying they have trouble in the text, I'll fix that in a bit. And if you do run into blank spots in text, tell me the last dialogue you remember so I can go in and fix it :).

UPDATE: So I updated it too V3.0 and also fixed lots of the storyline. The problem is the license expired so I wasn't able to build a .exe file for it, I'm currently using the free trial. You'll only be able to play V3.0 if you have Gamemaker Studio 2, the engine it was built on. Really sorry! I apologize greatly for the complications


I'm guessing it's for updates. The jam page says that's completely acceptable

Hey thanks! Glad you liked it! I'm going to be revamping the story soon, so look out for that :)

Hey Lost Penguin, 

Thanks for the feedback! I'm glad to know you liked it. I'll try to add music to the upcoming versions and maybe some sound when the text is being written. I'll eventually make a flow chart for the story so it appears a lot more realistic! Come back in a couple of days, and I'll have a slightly better game! Glad you liked it!

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Hey, so this is a short text adventure game where you play as a lost pilot navigating space! This is my first game jam as a beginner coder and it would be great if you could try it out! Remember, every decision affects your crew!

Also, is their a link to just get the music, nothing else?

Thanks so much! I'll be using it for the Heart Jam :)

Hi! I love your game! It's awesome, simple, and neat. However, could I use this music in my game? Or do you have any other music that I could use? 

Thanks so much!