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I played through this on mobile and really enjoyed it! Always nice to see more non-binary representation.

I really loved the characters. art, and tunes. <3 Thank you for making this! 

Sorry to bother you but I seem to have gotten a bug with the magic key. The princess acts like she is giving it to me but after the conversation I don't have it. Really liking the changes you made so far in 2 btw! The food leveling system is neat. <3

Just finished this and I really enjoyed my time with it! <3 The spell cost was a bit too high but everything else was a great time. :D 

After I finished Luxaren Allure, I started playing this and I'm so glad I did! It ended up being one of my favorite games ever and I'm really happy that it exists. <3 Thank you for making it! The characters, art, music, etc. are all amazing! 

This was a wonderful experience to play through! Thank you for making it. <3

Beautiful game! It really resonated with me and I'm so thankful that this exists. <3 

This is so wholesome and cute! <3 Loved it. 

Great game! <3

Cool concept!