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it was a nice Game! We really enjoyed and we find all the endings 👍🏻. We also loved the PSHaunted graphics! Keep it up! Great work!

This game was really entertaining and creepy as well! Great job! Keep it up! 

Really entertaining game! It kinda reminded us on the game “one way ticket” 🤔. Maybe it could be more parts of this game and get a sequel. Keep it up!

We had Luck to play the Original one and we are definitely going to play your version of PT! Looks great! 

Nice Game! 

Every Sponge Bob Horror Game you have created was amazing! This was our first game and we really enjoyed playing it! 

This was a great Sponge Bob horror game! It was really entertaining! The Jumpscare at the end, when we start to escape the Chum Bucket, got me off guard! Nice work 👌🏻! 

The first Slonderman was really enjoyable, funny and entertaining compared to Slonderman 2! 

Great Game! It reminded us on Boogeyman. Keep it up!

This game ist amazing! We finished the game,  it was very difficult but we still enjoyed every second of it! Great work! But the Steam version ist bad.

There was to much text to read and this was really boring. But we still enjoyed the gameplay 

My heart almost stopped working by this jumpscare! Nice one! It was really entertaining! Keep it up!

this game was frustrating! The pages were so badly placed, that we can’t even see them! That wasn’t a parody, this was trolling

This game was amazing, scary and with a deep story. We don’t suffer on this illness but we can imagine how stressful this can be. Nice work! 

Really entertaining game! But we always died when we tried to run away from the birds and we could only avoid it by running diagonally! is this normal or did we have a bug?

Not joking but this is game is the best Indie Game we ever played! It was sooo amazing and the Story was mind blowing! We solved every riddle in the game and we even downloaded the game “EYE” to progress. Bravo 👏🏻! Please keep it up and make more amazing games like this one!

We liked your game very much! It would be amazing to have a full game! The idea has so much potential! Nice work 👌🏻!

It was so scary when the first ghost appeared over the Car in the garage. We were scared to progress in the game and we almost quit the game… But in the end we finished it and we still had fun playing it. It was a nice game! Keep it up!

This Game was really entertaining and in some points creepy. We liked all the riddles and had no problems to progress in the game. But we still didn’t unterstand why we had a gun in the game, it wasn’t really necessary. But overall ist was a nice game! Good job! 

This Game was strange but still amazing! We like short Japanese Horror games! Keep it up! 

this game was weird but interesting at the same time! The only thing that made us almost vomit was the eye scene… But nice work tho! 

we played a long time ago the first version of Pulcra Vermis and it was amazing. We wanted to check your Page again and we see that you published a Remastered version and it looks amazing! We think that we are going to do a lets Play of the Remastered version and share it with you hopefully soon! Keep it up!

we played the full game Version as well and it’s amazing how you improved! 

nice Jump and Run game!

Short and entertaining horror game! We really enjoyed it and we liked the Resident Evil 7 Easter egg 👌🏻! Keep it up!

This game was entertaining and funny!

This game was absolutely stunning! It was short but really creepy and scary! We panicked at the moment we saw Siren Head behind us! Nice Work and kept it up!

yes! We pressed the button and we like it! It could have been a little bit longer.

Phenomenal game! Somehow it reminded us on Bioshock and we liked it! Keep it up! 

This game was awesome! We liked the concept idea, the story and the gameplay! We also find all the endings in this one!  You did an amazing job! Keep it up! 

This game was awesome but a little bit frustrating. There was a moment that the lock didn’t show us the color to find the right key. But still entertaining! 

Damn! This game was brutal and it stressed me out. The Jumpscare scared the s**t out of me! But it was still amazing and we want to see more games like this one! 

This game was funny and entertaining! The Game Over screen was actually creepy as hell! 

this was actually really scary! The game was really entertaining and we find all the endings in this let’s play. Keep it up!

The Monster didn’t scare us but the books that flew across the living room! We didn’t expect this jumpscare xD! Good job!

This game had an unexpected Plot Twist and we love it! Nice job!

This Game was really entertaining! Are you going to release the full game or was this project canceled? 

This Game was amazing! We loved the Resident Evil vibes and we want a full Game sooo badly!! Don’t quit this project and please keep it up! 

nice and short horror game! The atmosphere was amazing!

we always like the SpongeBob Horror games! This one was really challenging and funny at the same time!