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Horror Tooth community · Created a new topic We did it!

Thanks for this awesome Game!!

It`s all fine. You guys did a really good work before. The other games, wow, just amazing! But we have an example for a bug. (Maybe SPOILER ALERT) The place where you can get the fork, we stucked there and couldn't get out. I don't want to spoiler so much. If you need a better description, I could write you on twitter or something else.

Sorry guys, but this game isen`t 5 dollar worth anyway. Many bugs, disappoitnig, if you played the other games before. These were Indie-Master Pieces. Normal, Offices

And Brutal!

We played it, we did it, we love it! Thanks for developing this game. It was so much fun to play it.  WE WANT MORE!!! You guys have our full support! Please contact us for more games/updates!!!

!Brutal will be released tomorrow!

WE DID IT IN BRUTAL!!!!! AND it was soooo good. Sometimes we thought that there were some Bugs, but all in all it was so much fun! Our video will be released tomorrow. Thank you!!!

Thank you <3 We will play it immediately! We are excited to play it. And thanks that you notified us!! 

OH That´ll be fun!!! We will play it immediately when released!! Thx and We put you guys in our video description.

We did it! Brutal mode

We finished both modes, normal and brutal. It would be an honor to be in your game!! ; the brutal mode video will be released tomorrow. Thx for this game <3