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Thanks for checking in! The crew is busy in the game development mine, I hear they may surface with a new haul of blog content soon.

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we are considering if it makes sense to make a demo or not. Watch this space.

Thanks! Hunter & Robocop 3 are big influences, like many Amiga 3D games. 

Thanks! We were also curious.

Thanks so much! 

Us too!


Thanks! We'll try to keep them flowing

thanks for the eye

Thanks! It will be a standard FPS

Thanks! Currently it is tailored to the c64, but yes it could be modified!


some of best games and indeed winners, used lighting. Safe to say yes!

OSX 10.15 no longer has the "anywhere" option, apps need to be signed now by a developer certificate :/ a quick fix is to run the following command in terminal: xattr -r -d <path to file or app>  

very nice, any chance of a Mac version?

can't get it to run on OSX

nice job on the movement! 

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These fonts have been used in a few commercial titles like Night in the Woods and Pirate Pop Plus, designed specifically to solve the problem of blurry pixel fonts in Unity.

I'll set the font pack to free for the duration of the jam. (usually $7.77)

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as far as rules go, the GB jam is great is because it only has 2 rules!

If we allow 128x128, isn't it drifting a bit too far from the GB theme?

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The graphics music and game are great! The jetpack is hard to understand / control. Maybe Just have the jetpack boost you up when holding jump button, fall when not holding it? (and no jump) Might be easier to control, pressing twice and moving the dpad is a lot of brain work, I agree, willingness to continue playing is hampered by fighting with controls. Nice job!