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I love this! Very very nice work. And what an awesome presentation. Really inspiring :DD

I love the art and the controls are precise! This is just great.

Yeah, "Dacosta" is good. Thanks for asking!

Incrível como você fez o jump com 2 frames só. Ficou muito expressivo :D
E o Attack 1, em contraste ficou bem suave. Maneiríssimo

Thank you! And thanks for the heads up. I updated the description now, explaining that the fonts are under CC4.0 license :]


YES! This is really good. Man, your work is massive! Thank you for making this :)

This game is so good!!!! Instant fun :D

So far, you can't. (I bought mine through Google Play Store). There is a comment on their Itchio page that they say it would come out here soon. A couple of years ago, unfortunately.

My hope was that the developers would see some traction on their page and maybe update it with a sweet dowload button?

Nevertheless it's a very good game that I discovered on my very first day browsing this website.

I discovered this game a couple weeks ago even though it launched in 2017.

I was drawn by the Game Boy aesthetic, but the level design is pretty neat and the puzzles are really good as well.

To my surprise, there is no mention of it here, so I imagine others could benefit from this recommendation, even 3 years after the game's release.

PS: I noticed the devs didn't put a dowload link button here on itchio, wich kinda sucks. I don't know if it is a publisher contract thing or a simple "oops, sorry, I forgot, but here it is", but I stick to my recommendation, because it is a really well done game and good money for the price (on Android).

The lowercase 't' works super nicely. Great work :]