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So how do I fix this? You still haven't replied. 

trying to run the generator normally. I already tried different browsers. Dont have any antivirus or vpn. Replug my router still doesnt work. I also check from google about the .net link it says its down for some reason. Although I can access the website just fine its when I launch the generator that causes the problem. took too long to respond. How do I fix this? 

I cant access the website it keep saying took too long to respond. How do I fix this? It was working before. 

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Is there a way to go window mode with this game and every time i record it with OBS the game logo and start are upside down why is that?  

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When I opened the game again and record with OBS same thing happens the game forcefully closes even after using 1.1.1 version. I checked the error.txt but it was empty and the output.txt only has this following text. 

2019-03-01 06:27:41 Starting DigDeep!
Ready for GLSL
Ready for OpenGL 2.0

By the way I'm recording the game on window mode and using window capture not game capture.  And for some reason when my OBS is open and recording its like it forces the game to crash and close. My version of OBS is v0.651b

Unfortunately I don't see any error.txt file. When I went to the download page of your website and downloaded the game it gave me a winrar version of the game which I extract to get the game. The game opens but if my OBS is open and recording as well the game for some reason stops working and forcefully closes. But if I'm not recording the game works fine. I was even looking forward to advertise your game. I may have to look other ways to do that. 

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The window mode works but for some reason when i record with OBS the game forcefully closes. Please fix that.  By the way I'm using OBS Classic.

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I'm using windows 10 as well.

Guys please help I cant run the game on window mode and it crashes when I record it on OBS. 

I would love to advertise the game but I don't have a controller to play it please I'll be happy to play it if the game gets updated to be used by the controller. I tried alt tabing the game and clicking back with the mouse to try to use WSAD still did not work. Please update it to be compatible with keyboard. :( 

the game is too glitchy. When I start playing the scooter starts bouncing which makes it unplayable and changing or lowering the graphics settings in the game doesn't make a difference. Please fix it developer.